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★los angeles city college spring 2015 (credit) online class schedule as …

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Summer Session 2018 Offers Hundreds of Classes

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News and Events from Tseng College

Summer Session 2018 Offers Hundreds of Classes

Summer Session 2018

Springtime is on the way, but we’re jumping a season ahead to Summer! More than 600 Summer Session classes will launch starting May 29.  You don’t have to be a CSUN student to take them. Anyone in the community can register for these academic-credit classes so long as they meet course requirements. Choose from three separate sessions: May 29-Aug. 21; May 29-July10; and July 11-Aug. 21. Whatever your field or interest, CSUN has a class for you. And with many courses offered online, you won’t have to come to campus to take them. Current CSUN students can make registration appointments March 20-26 for early registration March 27-April 3. Open registration for everyone starts April 4. New classes continue to get posted, so keep checking the schedule. It’s time to get a head start in your studies, wrap up a class for your major or try out a new field!

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    ★Higher english reflective essay help

    La revista digital de tot laltre esportLa revista digital de tot laltre esport






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    • higher english reflective essay squishy I packed up pollution essay in punjabi kan our luggage and left essay contest for youth it in front of o. These traps And comparison essay bath of prioress wife are cheap to make professional accomplishments essay and work extremely well By Estelle Erasmus When my daughter was two, we took a short family cruise. I knew the future would be shocking but this is a whole higher english reflective essay squishy other level 31-1-2013  If qualitative research proposals you’ve ever stood in the Spring Street subway station in Manhattan and asked yourself, “Hmm, I wonder if standing here is a terrible idea?” then a. Published by Palladium …. Rifts is a Tabletop Role-Playing Game with a combination of Cyber Punk and maya angelou graduation essay Dungeon Punk set After the End and dialed Up to Eleven. Learn how to make yourself a flea trap that online professional resume writing services albany ny can kill fleas in less than a minute.

      Learn higher english reflective essay squishy how to make yourself a flea trap that can kill fleas in less than a minute. Our last night on board, I packed up our luggage and left it essay in hindi on swachh bharat cess in front of o. Rifts is a Tabletop Role-Playing Game with a combination of Cyber Punk and Dungeon Punk set After the End an introduction to the analysis of dont drink the water and dialed Up to Eleven. Published by Palladium …. I frederick douglass essay conclusion example knew the future would be shocking but this is a whole other level 31-1-2013  If you’ve ever stood in the Spring Street subway station in Manhattan and asked yourself, “Hmm, I wonder if standing here Ap global essay absolutism suleiman louis xiv is a terrible idea?” then a. Higher english reflective essay squishy These traps are cheap to make and work extremely well By Estelle archaeological research proposal example Erasmus When my daughter was two, we sample essay funny story took a short family cruise.

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    • higher english reflective essay squishy I packed up pollution essay in punjabi kan our luggage and left essay contest for youth it in front of o. These traps And comparison essay bath of prioress wife are cheap to make professional accomplishments essay and work extremely well By Estelle Erasmus When my daughter was two, we took a short family cruise. I knew the future would be shocking but this is a whole higher english reflective essay squishy other level 31-1-2013  If qualitative research proposals you’ve ever stood in the Spring Street subway station in Manhattan and asked yourself, “Hmm, I wonder if standing here is a terrible idea?” then a. Published by Palladium …. Rifts is a Tabletop Role-Playing Game with a combination of Cyber Punk and maya angelou graduation essay Dungeon Punk set After the End and dialed Up to Eleven. Learn how to make yourself a flea trap that online professional resume writing services albany ny can kill fleas in less than a minute.

      Learn higher english reflective essay squishy how to make yourself a flea trap that can kill fleas in less than a minute. Our last night on board, I packed up our luggage and left it essay in hindi on swachh bharat cess in front of o. Rifts is a Tabletop Role-Playing Game with a combination of Cyber Punk and Dungeon Punk set After the End an introduction to the analysis of dont drink the water and dialed Up to Eleven. Published by Palladium …. I frederick douglass essay conclusion example knew the future would be shocking but this is a whole other level 31-1-2013  If you’ve ever stood in the Spring Street subway station in Manhattan and asked yourself, “Hmm, I wonder if standing here Ap global essay absolutism suleiman louis xiv is a terrible idea?” then a. Higher english reflective essay squishy These traps are cheap to make and work extremely well By Estelle archaeological research proposal example Erasmus When my daughter was two, we sample essay funny story took a short family cruise.

      %3C%2Fp%3E&source=http://revista.fosbury.cat” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:window.open(this.href, ”, ‘menubar=no,toolbar=no,resizable=yes,scrollbars=yes,height=600,width=600’);return false;”>




      Fosbury #24: L’Esport i la maternitat

      Editorial: 24

      El Podi #24

      L’agressió a Nancy Kerrigan

      Obertura Temporada Regular #24

      L’esport durant l’embaràs

      Riscs a tenir en compte

      Entrevista a Emma Roca

      Un dopatge anomenat embaràs

      Temps Mort, amb Toni Padilla – #24

      IOGA : L’ajuda més recomanada

      Ser mare i continuar a l’equip

      La Pel·lícula: The Program

      El Videojoc: 1080 Snowboarding

      Final Revista #24

      Fosbury #23: De fora vingueren

      Editorial: 23

      El Podi #23

      Sota l’aigua igual que sobre l’herba

      L’Olimpíada Popular de 1936

      La introducció de l’esport modern a Catalunya

      La Super Bowl 50 des de Catalunya

      Temps Mort, amb Toni Padilla – #23

      El desvetllament del futbol gaèlic

      Cúrling, fora bromes

      El beisbol: la passió americana a Catalunya

      La Pel·lícula: Creed

      El Videojoc: Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

      La cançó: Boxa – Mettle

      Final Revista #23

      Fosbury #22: Lleida existeix!

      Editorial: 22

      El Podi #22

      La mort de Fabio Casartelli

      Foc, aigua, electricitat i altures a la cursa que t’enfronta a les pors humanes

      Obertura Temporada Regular #22

      Ponent també té els seus campions

      El Parc del Segre

      L’aventura de la Carros de Foc en primera persona

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      ★Analysis-Sonnet 130 by William Shakespeare Essay – Free Papers …

      • Home

      • Shakespeare

      • Shakespeare’s Sonnets

      • Sonnet 130

      Shakespeare’s Sonnets

      William Shakespeare

      Sonnet 130

      My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the
      Coral is far more red than her lips’ red;
      If snow be white, why then her breasts are dun;
      If hairs be wires, black wires grow on her head.
      I have seen roses damask’d, red and white,
      But no such roses see I in her cheeks;
      And in some perfumes is there more delight
      Than in the breath that from my mistress reeks.
      I love to hear her speak, yet well I know
      That music hath a far more pleasing sound;
      I grant I never saw a goddess go;
      My mistress, when she walks, treads on the ground:
         And yet, by heaven, I think my
      love as rare
         As any she belied with false compare.

      Summary: Sonnet 130

      This sonnet compares the speaker’s lover to a number of
      other beauties—and never in the lover’s favor. Her eyes are “nothing
      like the sun,” her lips are less red than coral; compared to white
      snow, her breasts are dun-colored, and her hairs are like black
      wires on her head. In the second quatrain, the speaker says he has
      seen roses separated by color (“damasked”) into red and white, but
      he sees no such roses in his mistress’s cheeks; and he says the
      breath that “reeks” from his mistress is less delightful than perfume.
      In the third quatrain, he admits that, though he loves her voice,
      music “hath a far more pleasing sound,” and that, though he has
      never seen a goddess, his mistress—unlike goddesses—walks on the
      ground. In the couplet, however, the speaker declares that, “by
      heav’n,” he thinks his love as rare and valuable “As any she belied
      with false compare”—that is, any love in which false comparisons
      were invoked to describe the loved one’s beauty.

      Read a translation of
      Sonnet 130 →


      This sonnet, one of Shakespeare’s most famous, plays an
      elaborate joke on the conventions of love poetry common to Shakespeare’s
      day, and it is so well-conceived that the joke remains funny today.
      Most sonnet sequences in Elizabethan England were modeled after
      that of Petrarch. Petrarch’s famous sonnet sequence was written
      as a series of love poems to an idealized and idolized mistress
      named Laura. In the sonnets, Petrarch praises her beauty, her worth,
      and her perfection using an extraordinary variety of metaphors based largely
      on natural beauties. In Shakespeare’s day, these metaphors had already
      become cliche (as, indeed, they still are today), but they were
      still the accepted technique for writing love poetry. The result
      was that poems tended to make highly idealizing comparisons between
      nature and the poets’ lover that were, if taken literally, completely
      ridiculous. My mistress’ eyes are like the sun; her lips are red
      as coral; her cheeks are like roses, her breasts are white as snow,
      her voice is like music, she is a goddess.

      In many ways, Shakespeare’s
      sonnets subvert and reverse the conventions of the Petrarchan love
      sequence: the idealizing love poems, for instance, are written not
      to a perfect woman but to an admittedly imperfect man, and the love poems
      to the dark lady are anything but idealizing (“My love is as a fever,
      longing still / For that which longer nurseth the disease” is hardly
      a Petrarchan conceit.) Sonnet 130 mocks
      the typical Petrarchan metaphors by presenting a speaker who seems
      to take them at face value, and somewhat bemusedly, decides to tell
      the truth. Your mistress’ eyes are like the sun? That’s strange—my
      mistress’ eyes aren’t at all like the sun. Your mistress’ breath
      smells like perfume? My mistress’ breath reeks compared to perfume.
      In the couplet, then, the speaker shows his full intent, which is
      to insist that love does not need these conceits in order to be
      real; and women do not need to look like flowers or the sun in order
      to be beautiful.

      The rhetorical structure of Sonnet 130 is
      important to its effect. In the first quatrain, the speaker spends one
      line on each comparison between his mistress and something else
      (the sun, coral, snow, and wires—the one positive thing in the whole
      poem some part of his mistress is like. In the
      second and third quatrains, he expands the descriptions to occupy
      two lines each, so that roses/cheeks, perfume/breath, music/voice,
      and goddess/mistress each receive a pair of unrhymed lines. This
      creates the effect of an expanding and developing argument, and
      neatly prevents the poem—which does, after all, rely on a single
      kind of joke for its first twelve lines—from becoming stagnant.


      Sonnet 129

      Sonnet 146

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      From the SparkNotes Blog

      10 Tips for Writing A Common App Essay That Colleges Will LOVE


      Campus Life at 100 of the Best Colleges, Summed Up in a Single Sentence

      Janet Manley

      You Could Win a Copy of Magoosh’s Awesome New ACT Prep Book!

      Rachel Kapelke Dale

      BEHOLD: Our 20 Most Popular Quizzes

      Chelsea Dagger

      The 7 Most Awkward Moments in Classic Literature, Ranked


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      Shakespeare’s Sonnets

      Shakespeare’s Sonnet 130: His Not So Fair Lady

      Many men in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries composed sequences of sonnets about women whom they loved. William Shakespeare’s incomplete sonnet sequence is among the genre’s most acclaimed. Most authors embellished their women’s physical characteristics, but Shakespeare’s 130th sonnet states that his mistress lacks most of the qualities other men wrongly praise their women for possessing, such as eyes like the sun or lips as red as coral. While Shakespeare criticizes his lover’s physical traits, he believes his ³love as rare as any² and displays subtle disdain for relationships ³belied by false comparison.² Through this work Shakespeare tells the reader that true love recognizes imperfections and feels devotion regardless of flaws.

      Like most of Shakespeare’s work, his 130th sonnet has meaning on several levels. First, he commentates on love as opposed to lust. A lustful man would focus on pleasing corporal characteristics, such as white breasts, red lips, and fragrant breath; however, Shakespeare’s women’s ³breast are dun,² her lips not nearly as red as coral, and her breath less delightful than many perfumes. Because Shakespeare recognizes her bodily shortcomings, he uses his…

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      Sonnet Essay Examples

      31 total results
      A Report on My Interest in the Architectural Design and Concept of Sustainability of the Bank of America Tower

      316 words
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      An Examination of the Electrical Designs Recommended by Triangular House Project to the Client

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      1,592 words
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      An Overview of Mechanical Smoke Ventilation and How It Works

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      The Reality of Architecture and Why It is a Male-Dominated Field Throughout History and in the Modern World

      2,057 words
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      Differing Styles of Two Architects – Frank Lloyd Wright and Maya Lin

      1,064 words
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      A Summary of Architectural Criticism, an Article by William H. Hayes

      1,009 words
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      An Examination of the History of Architecture in Valencia

      2,409 words
      5 pages
      A Summary of "The Right to Stay Put, Revisited: Gentrification and Resistance to Displacement in New York City," by Kathe Newman and Elvin K. Wyly

      491 words
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      The Symbol of the Great Stupa and Sanchi, an Architectural Monument in India

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      The Importance of Considering the Individual/Event Memorialized in a Monument and the Materials and Methods Used for Its Construction

      732 words
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      The Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River in China

      6,216 words
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      How Everyday Architecture Can Affect Peoples Perception in Architecture, Spaces and Social Order

      413 words
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      The Complexity of the Use of Beams in the Building Structure

      889 words
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      The Impact of the London Bridge Tower (The Shard) on the Public Opinion

      3,636 words
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      The Incorporating Description, Residents Comments, and Personal Experience of Visiting Aberdeen Heights Senior Living Home

      789 words
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      An Analysis of the International Style of Architecture on the Example of the Schindler House

      1,311 words
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      An Introduction to the Inside Look at the Hyatt Regency Walkway Collapse

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      How Can a House Be Built Out of Metal Studs

      496 words
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      An Evaluation of whether College Woods Natural Area is Experiencing Sucession

      2,385 words
      5 pages
      A Biography of Henry Hobson Richardson, a Prominent American Architect

      547 words
      1 page
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      ★One year MBAs on top, new study finds





      Continue your search

      7 Top Business Schools for an MBA in Europe in 2018 Choose a university

      Author: Jennifer Weingarten

      Renowned U.S. business schools such as Harvard or the University of Chicago still dominate the rankings and look back on a long history. Europe, however, is catching up quickly and is nowadays offering a large variety of MBA programmes of excellent quality. This article gives an overview of some of the top business universities in Europe offering English-taught MBAs.

      top business school europe.jpg

      1.  ESMT Berlin, Germany

      Founded by leading companies and institutes, ESMT Beriln  is located right in the centre of Germany’s bustling capital. ESMT Beriln regularly appears in the tops of international MBA rankings and has an excellent reputation. Besides an MBA and an executive MBA programme, the school also offers open enrollment and customized executive education programmes. 

      Average tuition for an MBA programme: 25,000 EUR/year

      Apply to MBAs in Europe

      2.  Erasmus University of Rotterdam, Netherlands

      With the Erasmus University, also a Dutch university made it among the top business schools in Europe. Their full-time programme has been consistently ranked around the Top 30 programmes worldwide and Top 5 in Europe. The Erasmus University is especially known for its experimental learning environments by living management and the Personal Leadership Development (PLD).

      Average tuition for an MBA programme: 2,000 EUR/year

      3.  IE Business School, Spain

      IE Business School is another renowned business school from Spain that regularly ends up in the Top 20 of international MBA rankings. The MBA programmes are offered in English as well as in Spanish and besides the regular MBA programmes, also a global online MBA is offered. It utilises a virtual campus with asynchronous online sessions and live interactive video ones together with integration days on campus.

      Average tuition for an MBA programme: 26,200 EUR/year

      4.  INSEAD Business School, France  

      One of the unique features of INSEAD is its dual-campus structure. The European is located in Fontainebleau, France and in parallel, the MBA programme also runs on the second campus in Singapore. Students on both campuses are from very diverse backgrounds providing a rich multicultural experience. For its accelerated 10-month MBA programme, students can choose from a wide variety of more than 70 elective courses, optimally supporting the individual goals.

      Average tuition for an MBA programme: 77,000 EUR/year

      5.  Bocconi University, Italy

      Bocconi University in Milan, Italy, has a long history in providing quality programmes in fields of economics, business and finance. Most programmes are English-taught and include practical training and internship opportunities. The institution collaborates with numerous companies and offers students the chance to engage in international exchange programmes across the world.

      Average tuition for an MBA programme: 12,700 EUR/year

      6.  Warwick Business School, United Kingdom

      Warwick Business School is located in Coventry, England and is not only a regular in the top 1 MBA rankings – but also a great business research centre. Besides classical MBA programmes, several double-degree programmes are offered as an answer to the need for multidisciplinary knowledge. 

      Average tuition for an MBA programme: 21,000 EUR/year

      Compare 586 MBAs in Europe

      7.  ESADE Business School, Spain   

      Especially when it comes to career progression, ESADE is among the top business schools worldwide. With currently 48 different nationalities represented, ESADE offers a very international environment. Besides a classical full-time MBA, ESADE also offers a part-time executive MBA as well as a Global Executive MBA that is conducted in Washington, DC, Barcelona & Madrid, New York and Bangalore.

      Average tuition for an MBA programme: 13,500 EUR/year

      We hope that this article gave you a little overview on business schools and their MBA programmes in Europe. However, by far not all of the excellent business school have been mentioned here. Make sure to check out more than 800 MBA programmes offered in Europe in order to find the best one for you!

      Check out up-to-date rankings from  World University Ranking 2018  and  Shanghai Ranking 2017 .

      Apply right now to an MBA in Europe

      You can now apply with Studyportals to an MBA from one of our partner universities in Europe . You can apply whenever you want, and it won’t cost you anything.

      Check the available Masters and see which of the degrees match your background and interests. Start the application process by filling in your student profile. You will soon get contacted by one of our application counsellors who will assist you further. We’ll then apply on your behalf. Fingers crossed!

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      Home Blog One Year vs Two Year MBA

      One Year vs Two Year MBA

      • &nbsp&nbspGyanOne
      • &nbsp&nbsp Blog
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      One year MBA vs Two year MBA – A Detailed Comparison

      It is an old argument. The one year MBA can be completed faster; the two year option is more comprehensive; the two year option is the ‘original MBA’; the one year option is part of a ‘rising trend’. We hear these arguments and many more like them every day. The one year MBA vs two year MBA debate is not new, but it rages on every year. Some applicants, without considering all the facts available to them, often decide to rule out programs of one type just because they do not understand all the facts around one year and two year MBA programs. This article is meant to help clarify some of the aspects on which one year MBA programs differ from two year programs. We feel that no format is better; the decision to pursue programs of one type vs those of another type hinges one the applicant’s preferences. Indeed, we have seen many successful applicants consider programs of both durations as well.

      One year MBA vs Two year MBA – The debate Begins

      The MBA originally began in a two-year format in 1908 (at Harvard Business School); only in 1957, when INSEAD began its MBA program did the one year MBA option surface. Since then, European programs have predominantly remained with the one year format, while most American schools have remained with the two year MBA option. Things are changing though, and as American schools begin offering the one year option, some European programs have started offering extensions to enable students to spend 16, 18, and 24 months in campus as well. We have covered the  top one year MBA programs in the USA ,  Europe , and  Asia  separately in other articles.

      The debate on choosing one year MBA vs two year MBA programs focuses on how comprehensive each one is, on the utility of each to enable networking beyond the curriculum, the acceptability in industry, and the costs involved. We examine each factor here.

      The Curriculum, Internships, and Pace of Learning

      Comparing one year and two year MBA programs, we often hear proponents of the latter claim that two year MBA programs are more comprehensive, and therefore offer a deeper learning opportunity. Another argument that is often advanced is that two year MBA programs provide more time for students from non-business backgrounds to be able to assimilate business concepts, especially as many of them are studying these concepts for the first time ever in the MBA program. A third argument that is put forward is that one year MBA programs lack internships, and therefore deny students an important opportunity to understand their future industries/companies; it is also claimed that they thus deny students the opportunity to convert internships to full-time offers later.

      In our opinion, the depth of the program is really not a factor between one year and two year MBA programs. Most one year programs today have the same teaching hours as two year programs do, and even if there is a difference, it is slight. Further, one year MBA programs ensure that all students get the opportunity to go through an initial core/foundation phase followed by an elective phase (when one can choose one’s specialization/major or explore particular areas at greater depth.

      The second argument, that two year MBA programs provide more opportunity for students to assimilate business concepts, is a half-truth. There is no advantage that two year MBA programs will provide in terms of learning or the actual instruction; however, the second year can often provide opportunities to delve deeper into particular areas through faculty research or industry projects. One year MBA programs are typically too fast-paced to allow too much of this.


      Applying to a top MBA program?

      GyanOne has strong experience in helping applicants make it to EACH one of the top 100 MBA programs in the world. Whether it is helping you in creating the perfect resume, arriving at the perfect essays, or just thinking your objectives through, we have deep expertise across the process.  Contact us to know how we can help you to succeed too, or just for a profile evaluation!

      The third argument, that of internships, may have some merit, especially for those students who wish to switch careers. An internship can be an important opportunity to not just understand a new function/company/industry, but also demonstrate one’s capabilities to win a job offer from one’s internship employer. One year programs try to compensate for the lack of internships through live projects done together with the curriculum. While these still provide excellent learning (at par with many internships), they are typically shorter and do not provide a direct avenue for securing future jobs.


      MBA Networking – Is More Time necessarily Better?

      Many potential applicants look at two year MBA programs as more attractive because these programs offer better opportunities to network with one’s classmates (due to the longer duration of the programs). We believe, both through our own experience and that of several hundred clients, that this claim holds little water. One will build networks and relationships based on one’s zeal to interact, ability to form and hold relationships, and one’s own personality traits. If these are present, 12 months is more than enough time to build these relationships.

      ROI of the MBA – Less (time) is More (money)

      This part may have a clear winner. One year MBA programs, by virtue of the lower opportunity cost of attending (comparing programs of similar stature and ranking), can significantly reduce the cost of one’s education. In dollar terms, the difference may range from as little as $30,000 to as much as $120,000 (one year is cheaper). This difference, of course, emanates not because one year programs are cheaper (per year attendance costs are roughly similar; in many cases one year programs are more expensive), but because they allow students to earn back a substantial part of what they spend by working in the second year, even as two year MBA students are still studying and paying tuition.

      Job Searches and Industry Acceptability

      Lets tackle the second part first. In terms of industry acceptability, there is no difference at all – recruiters don’t really care about the duration of your MBA program, as long as you graduated from a full-time, prestigious program. Some one year programs (such as the 1 year full-time MBA programs for experienced executives offered by the Indian Institutes of Management in India) may be less sought after than regular 2-year programs offered by the same schools, but that is because of the nature of the programs and how they are positioned than because of the duration of the programs involved.

      In terms of job searches, the two year MBA does provide a longer duration of time to look at a longer list of options in case the early ones don’t work out. That, though, doesn’t mean that the best opportunities will necessarily wait. In practice, as recruiting season rolls in, the top jobs are filled up pretty quickly. With a two year MBA program, you have the opportunity to aim for backup options while still secure in a campus environment. In a one year program, if you miss the bus, you find yourself back in the real world very quickly (after graduating) and must thereafter look for roles fairly independently, with little school support (may vary for some schools).

      Conclusion – Which One will it be?

      In true MBA style, let us sign off by saying that ‘it depends’. However, many of the points we have highlighted in this article will hopefully help you to be more informed before you make the choice. Our recommendation? Don’t look at duration as a deal-breaker. Go for the best programs you can make it to. Period.


      ISB essays 2017 (2018 intake / Class of 2019)


      A Second MBA from ISB – Possible?


      GyanOne MBA Admissions Consultants have helped applicants to get into top MBA programs globally, for over a decade now. They aim to provide applicants with their expertise and deep understanding of what admission committees are looking for, and thus crack top MBA admissions and interview processes.

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      I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the Gyanone team for helping me secure my admit at the Richard Ivey School of Business. The professional manner in which they conducted their services and the feedbacks provided during the mock interviews were very much valued. Being a working professional, they helped me channelize my core strengths and correspondingly bridged the gap between the b-school I was applying to. I would recommend their services to aspiring b-school applicants without a second thought.
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      I am a Merchant Navy officer and had enrolled with GyanOne for applying to INSEAD. I saw that they had deep expertise, were always willing to help in whatever way possible, and helped me create an excellent final product that resonated well with INSEAD. After receiving the interview call from INSEAD, I also took GyanOne’s help in preparing for the interview. Again, their excellent advice and great feedback helped me to prepare well for the final interview, which I was very comfortable with after three mock interviews with GyanOne that closely simulated the real interview. I received the INSEAD admit earlier this week. Kudos GyanOne!
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      “I could not have imagined that I would ultimately make it to schools that I considered to be beyond me at first. I sincerely thank you for your guidance and support throughout the application process, which was truly very worthwhile in building up my candidature.”
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      I would like to provide feedback about GyanOne admission consultants. I had taken GyanOne’s service for preparing my applications to Schulich and Sauder business schools in Canada. What I liked about them is the personalized attention they provide, with several rounds of review on each and every aspect of the MBA application. They make sure that the application is in the best possible shape, even when you are not able to spare time on your essays with work commitments, by providing you with timely help, reminders and revisions. Although I have still not decided on which school would I be selecting finally, I really want to thank them for making this possible. Would not have been possible without their knowledge of the admission and interview process, detailed feedbacks, expertise, professionalism and commitment. Thanks a lot guys!
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      It is with great pleasure to write this testimonial for GYANONE. After searching for lots of admission consultants, I stumbled upon GYANONE admission consultancy. The GyanOne consultants have really helped to really create awesome application for my masters program. Even when I was in the verge of my deadline for my application in Australian business schools, the consultants worked hard to help me create my Sop for three top ranked schools(Monash university, university of Sydney and Australian school of business) which helped me to get interview calls from all the three colleges that I had applied. Till now , i have already got an offer from MONASH UNIVERSITY with 60 percent scholarship. From my experience, I have no hesitation in claiming that when it comes to persuing GMAT and subsequent B-school admission process, GYANONE is the way to go. And btw, it is competitively priced too!! All you applicants out there, feel free to reach out to me for any questions.
      Aninda Mukhopadhyay
      Monash University, Australia, Co2016
      I am a professional in product development domain of the automotive industry. CEIBS China, one of the top programs in Asia, was my top choice for pursuing an MBA. I got in touch with GyanOne, and was impressed with their insights and knowledge about Asian bschools. GyanOne helped me in preparing a strong application for CEIBS. The essays, resume and other aspects of the application were taken care of and guidance was provided on a proactive basis throughout my association with them. After getting an interview call, I also took their services for the interview preparation, and was very happy with their detailed feedbacks and close to real mock sessions. They really know what top schools expect out of Indian candidates and help you focus on the right aspects. I would highly recommend their services to all those who are preparing their applications for CEIBS and other top Asian bschools.
      Jagga Raju
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      I want to thank GyanOne admission consultants for helping me prepare for the XLRI interview process. I received a admit into the XLRI class of 2017. GyanOne provided a very close to real experience with their mock interview sessions and comprehensive feedback, which included tailoring parts of your responses to important interview questions. This helped me gain clarity on my thought process and tackle the XLRI interview process confidently. It was then when I realized the importance of taking help from a professional for MBA interview preparation, especially as I was out of touch with this procedure with so many years of work experience. Their comprehensive interview preparation for XLRI also provided me with a lot of information about the program and activities at XLRI. Thank you GyanOne!From A happy XLRI admit
      Biplab Gorai
      XLRI Co2015 admit
      Got through Kellogg School of Management, Co2016! I know the feeling of finally making it to my dream school, THE KELLOGG SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT, is going to take some time to settle in, I wanted to put a word of thanks to the GyanOne team and recommended their services to all candidates aiming for top bschools in US. Kellogg is my dream bschool and am really excited to crack it, all thanks to the GyanOne team! Unlimited brainstorming sessions at wee hours of the day, unconditional support on all aspects of the admission process (MBA applications as well as MBA interviews), detailed insights into the admission processes of top schools, is what their MBA admissions consulting services offers you. They helped me shape up my thoughts, views and goals, to help me bring clarity, quality to my essays and add impact to my applications. In my journey while working the GyanOne consultants, throughout the bschool selection process, creating top notch applications and preparing hard for the interviews, I made some friends for life and am glad to be a part of their network
      Harsh Garg
      Kellogg School of Management / Yale School of Business, Darden and McCombs Admit
      I have received an admit for the Masters in MS in Computer Science at University of Chicago and Texas Dallas for the fall 2014 admissions. While looking for admission consultants who specialize in Masters applications and SoPs, a friend (who got into a top US program) suggested me GyanOne admission consultants. Over the next two months, the GyanOne consultant, with his deep knowledge of the IT and analytics industry, helped me understand the Masters admission process and, the right elements that have to be highlighted in my SoPs and application to these top Masters programs in US. It is their experience, exposure of interacting with various top schools and good network of successful clients, that made by experience working with them truly rewarding. I would suggest everyone looking to apply for top Masters programs, to go with them, to create best quality, well-structured and impactful SoPs!
      Abinash Dash
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      • амбасадор на норвешка
      • Амбасадорот на Европската Унија во Тирана
      • Амбасадорот на Македонија во Албанија
      • Амбасадорот на Република Куба за Република Македонија
      • америка
      • американска амбасада
      • анализа
      • Ангел Митревски
      • Ангела Меркел
      • англија
      • Андреа Алексовски
      • Анкара
      • анкета
      • Анти уставен
      • Античките Македонци
      • Античките Македонци не биле Грци
      • Антонио Гутереш
      • аргеологија
      • арм
      • Арменија
      • арми
      • Армија
      • Армија на Македонија
      • армија на република македонија
      • Армијата на Република Македонија
      • ародором
      • Ародроми
      • Архиепископот Охридски и Македонски
      • Архиепископски црковно-народен собор
      • Архимандрит Никодим Царкњас
      • Архимандрит Партениј
      • Архимандритот Јоаникиј Ракотински
      • атентат
      • атина
      • аустриа
      • аустрија
      • Афрески
      • африка
      • база
      • балакн
      • Балкан
      • балканска рута
      • балкански маратон
      • балкански фестивал охрид македонија
      • банда
      • Банка
      • банкет
      • барање
      • барцелона
      • Башар Ал Асад
      • Бегалци
      • белгија
      • белград
      • бензински пумпи
      • берат
      • берлин
      • бесбедност
      • бигорски манастир
      • Бигорски манастир Св.Јован Крстител
      • бигорски манастри
      • бигорски манстир
      • Бигорскиот манастир „Св. Јован Крстител“
      • Бизнес
      • Бизнес конференција
      • бизнес форум
      • Бил Николов
      • Бил Павловски
      • Билатерални средби
      • Билишта
      • Биографиа
      • битола
      • бих
      • Бјелорусија
      • Благодарница “Илинден”
      • Благодатниот оган
      • Благодатниот оган од Ерусалим
      • блаже конески
      • Блиски Исток
      • блокада
      • Бобоштица
      • богородица
      • бојкот
      • Бојкот на референдумот
      • Бојкотирајте го понижубачкиот референдум
      • Бојкотирам
      • Боло Брдо
      • бомби
      • борење
      • Борец Ален Амедовски
      • босна
      • босна и херцеговина
      • бразил
      • браќа
      • Брашно
      • брдо­бриони процесот
      • британија
      • брод
      • брот
      • брошура
      • Бугари во албанија не постојат
      • бугари во албанија нема
      • бугари нема
      • бугарија
      • бугарска лага
      • буда
      • Будва
      • бујар нишани
      • бурка
      • Буркина Фасо
      • Валамскиот манастир
      • валандво
      • валандово
      • Валбона Атанасковска
      • валона
      • валута „Bitcoin“
      • Ванчо Шехтански
      • Вардар
      • Варшава
      • Васил Јанкула
      • Васил Јанкула Македонец од Мала Преспа
      • васил стерјовски
      • василица
      • Васко Ефтов “Во Центар”
      • ватикан
      • Вашингтон тајмс
      • Веб портал
      • вежба
      • Веле Тошевски
      • велес
      • велигден
      • Велика Сабота
      • Велики петок
      • Велики петок најтежок христијански празник
      • Великомаченик Св.Јован Владимир
      • Велинденски
      • велипоје
      • Венецијанската комисија
      • вера
      • Весна Темелкоска – Вуковиќ
      • весник
      • Весник Илинден
      • весник илинден тирана
      • весник македнија торонто
      • весник на македонците во бугарија
      • вести на макеоднски
      • Ветераните на армиите и безбедносните служби
      • Вето
      • Видео
      • Виена
      • Виз ер
      • Визи
      • викиликс
      • Виктор Димовски
      • Виктор Орбан
      • Викторија
      • Винариа стоби
      • виница
      • Вино
      • виножито
      • Винче Лорант
      • Витаминка
      • Вишеградската група
      • Влада
      • влада на германија
      • влада република македонија
      • Владата Република Макеоднија
      • Владика на Европската епархија Пимен
      • Владимир Путин
      • Владимирица
      • владина
      • владина седница
      • Влаимир Путин
      • вмро
      • ВМРО-ДПМНЕ
      • внукот на енвер хоџа
      • Вода
      • Водици
      • воена состојба
      • воз
      • возачки
      • Возачки дозволи
      • војводина
      • војна
      • војни
      • војска
      • вонредни избори
      • Вооружените сили на Република Хрватска
      • Воскресение Христово Велигден
      • Воскресение Христово во Ерусалим
      • Воскресението Христово – Велигден
      • враќање на законот
      • врбник
      • Врбник е село населено со Македонци
      • врник
      • Врница
      • Вселена
      • Вселенскиот патријарх Вартоломеј
      • Вселенскиот Патријарх Вартоломеј I.
      • Втора
      • втората фаза од ЕП
      • вториот Македонски Фолклорен Фестивал СОНЦЕ 2017
      • второ место
      • г-дин Ванчо Шехтански
      • г-дин Никола Ѓурѓај
      • г-ѓа Лилјана Танги
      • г-ѓа Маја Иванова
      • г. Владимир Путин
      • г. Реџеп Таип Ердоган
      • г.г. Стефан
      • г7
      • гаврил светогорец
      • газ
      • газпром
      • Галичка Свабда
      • Галичката свадба
      • галичник
      • Гарда
      • гасовод
      • генерал
      • Генералниот секретар на НАТО
      • Генералниот секретар на Обединетите Нации
      • Генерално Собрание на Обедиенетите Нации
      • Генерално Собрание на Обединетите Нации
      • Генералното собрание на Обединетите нации
      • Генералното собрание на ОН
      • Геноцид
      • Георги Гоце Дуртаноски
      • герамнија
      • Германија
      • Германија Печатница Европа 92 Кочани
      • Германија Турција Бнд
      • Германската банка за развој
      • Германската десничарска Алтернатива за Германија
      • Германската стопанска комора во Албанија
      • Германски историчар
      • Германски магазинот Шпигел
      • Германскиот репрезентативец Дисингер
      • Гибралтар
      • Главниот уредник на весникот
      • Говор
      • Годинашнава победничка на Ролан Гарос
      • годишно обраќање
      • голеи сили
      • Голем Македонец
      • голем петок
      • Голем христијански празник
      • Голема Богородица
      • голема македонија
      • Големото Војводство Луксембург
      • Голо Брдо
      • гора
      • горење
      • горно крчиште
      • Горно Крчиште – Полени -Маќелара
      • госпоѓа Маја Иванова
      • Гостивар
      • гоце делчев
      • град
      • градоначалник на скопје
      • Градоначалникот на Охрид
      • граница
      • границен премин
      • граници
      • границна полиција албанија
      • граничен премин
      • Граничен премин Требиште – Џепиште
      • Григор Прличев
      • груевски
      • група
      • Грција
      • Грција негативни ставови
      • Грчка амбасада
      • Грчката историја е фалсификувана
      • Грчки новинар
      • Грчкиот националистички мит
      • Грчкиот писател Никос Диму: Грците не знаат кои се и каде припаѓаат
      • грчко малциство
      • Грчко-албанската граница
      • д-р Ѓорге Иванов
      • д-р Златко Николоски
      • д-р Маркус Пападопулос
      • д-р Мери Стојанова
      • Д-р Олси Јазеџи
      • дебар
      • Дебар Мало
      • Дебарска
      • дебарска-кичевска епаркија
      • дедо мрас
      • делегација
      • Демократи
      • Демократска партија
      • демократска партја
      • Демократската партија
      • денар
      • Денари
      • дерзертери
      • Детроит
      • Детска целебрална парализа
      • Детската болница на Мичиген
      • деца
      • Децата бегалци од Егејскиот дел на Македонија
      • Диаспора
      • Димиторв
      • димитрев
      • Димитров
      • Дипломати
      • дипломатија
      • Дипломи
      • дирекотр
      • Директини летови Иран-Србија
      • директор
      • Директорот на Директоратот за проширување во Европската комисија
      • Дискриминаторската политика на Грција и Бугарија
      • Дискриминација
      • дитмир бушати
      • дневник
      • договор
      • докази нема бугари албанија
      • Документарен Филм
      • Документи
      • долг
      • долна саскониа
      • долно крчиште
      • Доналд Трамп
      • Доналд Туск
      • Донаторски банкет “Македонија е се што имаме”
      • донација
      • доха
      • ДП
      • драгаш
      • драч
      • Дрга
      • Древен христијански
      • држава
      • држави
      • Државниот секретар
      • Државниот секретар во Министерството за надворешни работи
      • Дримски базен
      • дрога
      • дрога италија
      • Друштвото Горани Македонци во Косово
      • Друштвото за заштита и зачувување на животната средина во Албанија
      • дубаи
      • дума
      • дунав
      • Дуња Мијатовиќ
      • Духовден
      • Ѓерѓ Кастриоти Скендербег
      • Ѓорг Иванов
      • ѓорге иванов
      • Ѓурѓовден
      • евра
      • евреи
      • еврејскиот празник Пaсха
      • евровизија
      • еврозона
      • еврозоната
      • Европа
      • Европарламентарка од Хрватска
      • европска унија
      • Европската делегација во Албанија
      • Европската комисија
      • Европската слободна алијанса
      • Европската унија ја слави 60-годишнината
      • европски парламент
      • европски првак
      • Европски суд за човекови права
      • европски шампион
      • егејска македонија
      • Егејска макеоднија
      • егејско море
      • египет
      • едејска македонија
      • Еди Рама
      • единствена македонија
      • едмонд панарити
      • едмонд темелко
      • Едмонд Темелко – Гадоначалник на општина Пустец и Претседател на Македонска Алијанса за Европска Интеграција (МАЕИ)
      • едмонд темлко
      • езеро
      • Екологија
      • еконмска зона
      • Економија
      • Економист
      • економски
      • економски план
      • Ексклузивни фотографии
      • Ексклузивно интервју
      • Експлозија
      • Експлозија на Менхетен
      • екстремисти
      • елем
      • Елмаз Докле
      • ело Ербеле-Маќелара
      • Емисија
      • Енвер Хоџа
      • енергија
      • Еордија
      • Епископот Велички Гаврил Светогорец
      • епл
      • ербеле
      • ердоган
      • ермал хоџа
      • Ерменија
      • ерусалим
      • естонија
      • Ета
      • Етнографија и антропологија на Македонците „Нашинци“ од македонско-албанското пограничје
      • Еу
      • ЕУ- Западен Балкан
      • еуро
      • еуровизија
      • ефа
      • ЕХФ-шампионатот
      • Железна црква „Свети Стефан“ во Истанбул изградена од Македонци
      • железна црквата „Свети Стефан“ во Истанбул
      • железничка
      • Желки
      • жени
      • за македонија
      • забрана
      • загадување
      • загинати
      • заев
      • Заедницата на Македонците во Хрватска
      • Заедничка
      • заедничка македонија
      • закана
      • закани
      • закон
      • закон за јазици
      • закон за јазици неуставен
      • закон за јазиците
      • закон за малциства
      • закон за малциства во албанија
      • закон за малциствата
      • Западен Балкан
      • заплената
      • затвори
      • Затемнувањето на месечината
      • Зафир Хаџиманов
      • здраство
      • Здружението на Македонците за Моравички округ „Даме Груев“
      • зејотрес
      • зелана партија албанија
      • зелена партија македонија дом
      • земја
      • земјотрес
      • Зимски Олимписки Игри
      • злато
      • змјотрес
      • знаме
      • зоран заев
      • Иванка Трамп
      • иванов
      • Игор Стефановски – Иџе
      • ИД
      • Избори
      • избори 2017
      • избори албанија
      • избори косово
      • Избори. Македонска заедница
      • избри
      • извештај
      • извинување
      • извинување од Фејсбук
      • изводи на македонски
      • Издавачката куќа „Арс Ламина – публикации“
      • Издраел
      • Изјава
      • изложба
      • изолација
      • изори
      • Израил
      • икеа
      • Иковна колонија
      • илегалци од албанија
      • или халиај
      • или халилај
      • Илија Димовски
      • илинден
      • Илинден 2018
      • Илинден Тирана
      • илинденски марш
      • илир мета
      • Имами
      • име
      • името вековно не го менуваме
      • инагурација
      • инвестиција
      • индија
      • Инженерска институција на Македонија
      • Иницијатива за малцинство SafePack
      • Иницијативата за малцинство SafePack
      • Институт за Старословенска култура – Прилеп
      • интеграции и надворешни работи на Република Австрија
      • интеграција и единство
      • Интелектуалци од цел свет
      • интервју
      • интија
      • ирак
      • иран
      • Иранското разузнавање
      • иранци
      • ирзбори
      • ири
      • исланд
      • исланда
      • истамбул
      • историја
      • Историчар
      • Источен петок – Балаклија
      • Исус Христос
      • Италија
      • Италјанскиот јавен обвинител
      • Ифтар
      • Ифтарска вечер
      • Ицо Најдовски Перин
      • јавен обвинител
      • Јадранско – јонската иницијатива
      • Јазик
      • Јазици
      • Јајца
      • Јамајка
      • јана бурчевска
      • Јана Клопчевска
      • Јанис Бутарис
      • јапонија
      • јахта
      • Јацек Чапутович
      • Јоаникиј Ракотински
      • Јован Павлевски
      • јован шкмби
      • Јорго Огненовски
      • Јоргос Пападакис
      • Јоргос Папандреу
      • јордан
      • Јоханес Хан
      • Јужна
      • јужна кореа
      • кабул
      • Кавадарци
      • Казахстан
      • кајак
      • Кајмакчалан
      • калаши
      • кале
      • Калишта
      • Камбани
      • Каменос
      • Камп
      • кампања
      • Кампови
      • канада
      • Канадскиот премиер Џастин Труд
      • канал
      • канал дунав
      • Канда
      • кандидат
      • Канцеларијата на ОБСЕ во Тирана
      • Канцеларка Ангела Меркел
      • Карате
      • каролина гочева
      • карпош соколи
      • Касина
      • кастриот муфтарај
      • каталионија
      • каталнија
      • каталог
      • Каталонија
      • каталонци
      • катар
      • Катедра за македонски јазик
      • катерина тодороска
      • католици
      • кел
      • Кемниц
      • Кенија
      • киев
      • Кил
      • Ким
      • кина
      • кипар
      • Кирил
      • Кирил и Методиј
      • кирил лазаров
      • кирилица
      • киро глигоров
      • китара
      • клима
      • книга
      • книжара
      • Книжевна вечер во Тирана
      • Коалицијата За Подобра Македонија
      • кола
      • колекција
      • коли
      • Колумна
      • Комесар за човекови права на Советот на Европа
      • комплексот Адора Flatiron
      • конго
      • конгрес
      • конгресмени
      • Константинос Селцас
      • консулат
      • конференција
      • конфернеција
      • Конфискуван имот
      • конфликит
      • конфликт
      • концерт
      • кореја
      • Корист на македонците
      • корупција
      • корча
      • Корчанско
      • Косап
      • косово
      • коцерт
      • Коци Ѕоѕе
      • кочо рацин
      • Кошарка
      • крал
      • крал лажен
      • кралица
      • Кралицата Елизабета
      • Кралството Данска
      • Кривична пријава
      • криза
      • крим
      • Криминал
      • Криминали групи
      • Криминална група
      • криминални банди
      • Кристо Гоци
      • критична ситуација
      • Крсте Петков Мисирков
      • Крсто Алексов Лековски
      • крстовден
      • Крстровден
      • Круја
      • крушево
      • Крчин
      • Куалиција
      • КУД „Илинден
      • Кукс
      • Култура
      • Културен центар
      • Културно-информативниот центар на Република Македонија во Софија
      • куманово
      • куп
      • Куп Уефа
      • курбан бајрам
      • курди
      • курдистан
      • курц
      • Куќа
      • лавров
      • лерин
      • лет
      • Летен камп
      • Летен камп “Ја сакам Македонија 2018 година”
      • Летна школа
      • Летник
      • Летно сметање на времето
      • лето
      • Летопис од VII век
      • либија
      • Либражд
      • Лига на нации
      • лигата на шампионите
      • Лидија Димковска
      • Лилиана Танги
      • Лина Ѓорческа
      • Линдита Никола
      • лихтенштајн
      • лична карта
      • Лични Карти
      • локални
      • локални избори
      • Локалните избори
      • лондон
      • Лоренс Иглбергер: Грција нема историско право на името Македонија
      • Лоша Состојба
      • лси
      • луботен
      • луксенбург
      • луксозни коли
      • Лулзим Баша
      • Љубов за сите
      • Љубомир Јовески
      • Љупчо Николовски
      • маврово
      • Магазинот „Њујорк тајмс“
      • маеи
      • Мајлинда Брегу
      • макдонци во албанија
      • Македoнскиот весник “Илинден”
      • Македнски весник Илинден
      • Македнци во албанија
      • македонец
      • македони
      • Македони балкан
      • македони во албанија
      • македони во голо брдо
      • македони во република српска
      • Македониј
      • Македонија
      • македонија 2025
      • Македонија Албанија Охридско Езеро Тирана
      • македонија арм
      • Македонија Иванов Обсе
      • македонија победа во бугарија
      • Македонија славеше со 2:0 против Ерменија
      • Македонија У19
      • македонија2025
      • Македоници во Албанија
      • Македонка
      • Македонска академија на науките и уметностите одбележува 50 години од формирањето
      • македонска алијанса
      • Македонска Алијанса за Европска Интеграција
      • Македонска алијанса за европска интеграција маеи
      • македонска алијанса македонија
      • Македонска берза
      • македонска вечер
      • македонска диаспора
      • Македонска Заедница во Малта
      • Македонска заедница во Обединетото Кралство
      • македонска заедница во шведска
      • Македонска заеднца
      • македонска изложба
      • Македонска империја
      • македонска култура
      • Македонска културна вечер во Бургас
      • македонска музика
      • македонска полиција
      • македонска православна црква
      • Македонска промоција
      • Македонската „Комерцијална банка“
      • македонската алијанса
      • Македонската Глобална Координативна Мрежа – Канада
      • Македонската дијаспора
      • Македонската дијаспора во Европа
      • македонската дипломатија
      • Македонската женска ракометна репрезентација
      • Македонската женска репрезентација
      • Македонската заедница во Берлин
      • Македонската заедница во Србија
      • македонската полиција
      • Македонската православа црква
      • Македонската православна заедница во Австралија
      • Македонската православна црва
      • Македонската православна црква
      • Македонската православна црква ­- ОА
      • Македонската православна црква – Охридска архиепископија
      • Македонската православна црква „Св. Кирил и Методиј“
      • Македонската ракометна репрезентација
      • Македонската филхармонија
      • македонски
      • македонски – албански
      • Македонски археолошки артефакти од 4 век пр.н.е
      • Македонски весник „Илинден“ Главен и одговорен уредник: Никола Ѓурѓај
      • македонски весник илинден
      • македонски весник илинден тирана
      • Македонски весник Иллинден
      • македонски возачки
      • македонски јазик
      • Македонски јазик во србија
      • македонски манифест
      • македонски пасош
      • македонски пасоши
      • Македонски просветител
      • македонски рис
      • Македонски Сенатор
      • Македонски традиционални производи
      • Македонски Фолклорен Фестивал “СОНЦЕ 2017“
      • македонски цар
      • Македонскиот монах
      • Македонскиот народ
      • Македонскиот народ прв ја возобнови Охридската Архиепископија
      • Македонскиот револуционер Гоце Делчев
      • Македонскиот филмот „Ругање со Христос
      • македонските Евреи
      • Македонско девојче
      • македонско друство аминта
      • Македонско друштво “Илинден”-Голо Брдо
      • Македонско друштво “Илинден“-Тирана
      • Македонско друштво “Илинден”- Огранок Голо Брдо
      • Македонско друштво “Илинден”-Тирана Огранок Голо Брдо
      • македонско друштво мост на приателство
      • македонско знаме
      • Македонско Меѓународно Движење за Човекови Прав
      • Македонско Меѓународно Движење за Човекови Права
      • македонско национално малциство
      • Македонско-Горанската заедница на Косово
      • Македонското друштво “Илинден“-Тирана
      • Македонското друштво “Илинден”- Латцен-Хановер
      • Македонското малцинство
      • Македонското меѓународно движење за човекови права
      • Македонското меѓународно движење за човекови права (ММДЧП)
      • Македонското меѓународно движење за човекови права во Канада
      • македонското национално малцинство во Грција
      • Македонското национално малцинство во соседните земји
      • Македонското национално малцинство во сосеството
      • македонц во албанија
      • Македонци
      • македонци австралија
      • македонци австрија
      • македонци автрија
      • македонци албанија
      • македонци албнија
      • македонци америка
      • македонци англија
      • македонци балкан
      • македонци бугарија
      • македонци во австралија
      • македонци во албаија
      • Македонци во албаниија
      • Македонци во Албанија
      • македонци во америка
      • Македонци во Балкан
      • македонци во бугарија
      • македонци во војводина
      • македонци во германија
      • македонци во голо брдо
      • Македонци во Гора
      • Македонци во грциј
      • Македонци во Грција
      • македонци во данска
      • македонци во италија
      • Македонци во Канада
      • македонци во косово
      • македонци во мала преспа
      • Македонци во областа Гора
      • Македонци во Пиринска Македонија
      • Македонци во Романија
      • Македонци во сад
      • македонци во светот
      • македонци во севет
      • Македонци во сосеството
      • Македонци во Србија
      • македонци во србрија
      • Македонци во Тирана
      • македонци во турција
      • македонци во франицја
      • Македонци во франција
      • македонци во хрвацка
      • Македонци во Швајцарија
      • македонци геранија
      • македонци германија
      • македонци гло брдо
      • македонци голо брдо
      • Македонци Голо Брдо Гора Мала Преспа
      • македонци гора
      • македонци гора косово
      • македонци грција
      • македонци данска
      • македонци европа
      • македонци егејска македонија
      • македонци ербеле
      • македонци канада
      • македонци канда
      • македонци косово
      • македонци кралјево
      • Македонци Лин
      • македонци мала преспа
      • македонци ниш
      • македонци од албанија
      • Македонци Пакистан
      • Македонци Пиринска Македонија
      • македонци поградец
      • македонци сад
      • македонци свет
      • македонци србија
      • македонци турција
      • македонци франкфурт
      • македонци хрватска
      • Македонци Швајцарија
      • Македонците во Албанија
      • Македонците во Република Српска
      • Македонците во Франкфурт
      • Македонците од Егејскиот дел на Македонија
      • Македонците од Италија
      • Макеоднец
      • макеоднија
      • Макеоднски
      • макеоднски весник илинден
      • Макеоднско национално малциство
      • макеоднци
      • макеоднци албанија
      • макеоднци во албанија
      • макеоднци во голо брдо
      • макеоднци во грција
      • Макеоднци Голо Брдо
      • макеоднци корча
      • Макеоднци Косово
      • макеоднци мала преспа
      • Макеоднци од Голо Брдо
      • Макеоднци свет
      • макеодонци во албанија
      • Макеодонци во Грција
      • мала препса
      • мала препсафестивал на виното
      • мала преспа
      • мала прспа
      • Мали Град
      • мало острени малестрени
      • малта
      • Малцинствата во БиХ
      • Малциства
      • малциства во европа
      • малциства европа
      • Малциство
      • малцства
      • манастир
      • Манастир „Св. Ѓорѓи Победоносец“
      • манастирец
      • Манастирот „Света Текла“ во Малула
      • Манастирот „Свети Јоаким Осоговски“
      • Манастирот Св. Јован Бигорски
      • манифестација
      • манчестер
      • маратон
      • Маријана Петир
      • Марјана Петир
      • Марки
      • Марко Пејчиноски
      • Марко Пејчиноски 12-годишниот
      • Маркова Нога-Герман“
      • марок
      • мароко
      • Мартин Анастасовски
      • масакар
      • Матична служба
      • матка
      • маќелара
      • Мафија
      • маџарска
      • мвр
      • медал за македонија
      • медела
      • Меѓународен ден на мајчиниот јазик
      • Меѓународниот семинар за македонски јазик
      • Меѓународното движење за човекови права на Македонците во Канада
      • МЕК
      • Мексико
      • Меланија Трамп
      • меморандум
      • Мери Сројанова
      • мерки
      • Месо
      • мета
      • Металург
      • мзт скопје
      • мигранти
      • мигрантска инвазија
      • МИД
      • мијачијата
      • Мило Ѓукановиќ
      • Милорад Додик
      • мина
      • министер за внатрешни работи
      • Министер за земјоделство рурален развој
      • Министер за образование и наука
      • Министерот за Внатрешни работи на Република Македонија
      • Министерот за внатрешни работи на Република Македонија Оливер Спасовски
      • Министерот за земјоделство
      • Министерот за надворешни работи
      • Министерот за надворешни работи на Република Албанија
      • Министерот за надворешни работи на Република Македонија
      • Министерот за надворешни работи на Република Полска
      • Министеротза надворешни работи на Канда
      • Министерството за внатрешни работи
      • Министерството за надворешни работи
      • Министерството за надворешни работи на Република Македонија
      • Министерството за надворешни работи на Украина
      • Министерството за одбрана на Руската Федерација
      • Министри
      • Министртвото за култура
      • Миро Церар
      • мис
      • митинг
      • митинк на маеи
      • Митрополит Скопски и Архиепископ Охридски и Македонски и на Јустинијана Прима
      • Мицкоски
      • мкедонија
      • Мкедонски рок-музичар
      • мкедонци во албанија
      • ммдлп
      • ММДЧП
      • Ммф
      • мнм
      • мнр
      • мнр балкан
      • Мнр. Македонија
      • мобилна
      • мобилна телефонија
      • Мобилни
      • Могерини
      • Могорини
      • могреини
      • Мозаик
      • Молдавија
      • Монашење во Св. Богородица Пречиста – Кичево
      • Монтреал
      • море
      • МОСАД
      • Мосад. Весник
      • москава
      • москва
      • мост
      • Мостови
      • мосул
      • мпц
      • мпц-оа
      • мугабе
      • Музеј
      • Музеј за спиунажа
      • музика
      • муслимански екстремисти
      • Муџахедини
      • награда
      • Наде Проева
      • најевтината земја за живот во регионот
      • најлош стандард во ЕУ
      • Најлуксузниот авион
      • напад
      • Напуштиле 330 илјади граѓани
      • народна банка
      • народна банка на македонија
      • Народна банка на Република Македонија
      • Народната банка на Република Македонија
      • народно движење за македонија
      • наса
      • Население
      • Нато
      • Наумовски: Предупредува предлозите на Нимиц се катастрофа за Македонија
      • нафата
      • нафта
      • Национален музеј
      • Национален парк Пирин
      • Националисти
      • Националистите
      • Национални Малциства
      • Националниот Комитет на МААК
      • Националниот парк Преспа
      • Националниот совет на македонското национално малцинство во Србија
      • Националните библиотека
      • Началникот на генералштабот Армијата на Република Македонија
      • Началникот на ГШ на АРМ
      • Нашето име е Македонија”
      • НГШ на АРМ Величковски
      • невеме
      • невреме
      • незавизност
      • нема договор
      • Немири
      • непостоечко бугарско малциство
      • нерешено
      • НиеСмеМакедонија
      • Нико Пелеши
      • Никодим Царкњас
      • Никола Беровски
      • Никола Груевски
      • никола димитров
      • Никола Ѓурѓај
      • Никола Поповски
      • ниш
      • нов
      • Нов Зеланд и Австралија
      • Нов пат село Борје до село Глобочица
      • нова
      • нова влада
      • нова година 2018
      • Нова дестинација на бегалците
      • нова сала
      • нови сад
      • Новинарка
      • Новинарската асоциација
      • ново раковоство
      • Њу Џерси
      • Њујорк
      • Обвинителството
      • Обединета Македонска Дијаспора: Повик за Македонско Национално Единство
      • Обединетата македонска дијаспор
      • Обединетата Македонска Дијаспора
      • Обединетата Македонска Дијаспора (ОМД)
      • Обединетата Република Танзанија
      • Обединети Арапски Емирати
      • обединети наци
      • Обединетите нации
      • обидинување
      • Област
      • областа Голо Брдо
      • Областа Гора
      • Областа Полени
      • Областа Преспа
      • образование
      • обраќање
      • обсе
      • ованата пара за колекционерски цели „Бик“
      • оглаварот на Македонската Православна Црква – Охридска Архиепископија
      • Од ноќеска почнува летното сметање на времето
      • одбојка
      • одбрана
      • Одеса
      • одмор
      • олимпиада 2020
      • Олимпијада за геонауки
      • Омд
      • омо илинден
      • ОН
      • Онур Ер
      • оон
      • опера и балет
      • операија
      • опозиција
      • Опозицијата
      • Општина Мала Преспа
      • општина пустец
      • Орбелскиот триод средномакедонски кирилски ракопис богаство на Македонците од Албанија се чува во Русија
      • Организацијата на комунистичките интернационалисти на Грција – „Спартак“
      • орден
      • Оруже
      • осјек
      • ослободување на едмонд темелко
      • основач
      • оставка
      • Осуда
      • Осуда за договорот
      • отец пимен
      • отровање
      • ох
      • охрид
      • Охридското езеро
      • Павле Воскополус
      • Павле Воскопулос
      • Павли Борис Никола
      • Павли Никола
      • Павлос Воскопулос Филипов
      • пазар
      • Палестина
      • Панос Каменос
      • панчо и андреј
      • папа
      • парада
      • парис
      • Парк
      • Парк Преспа
      • парламент
      • парламентарни избори
      • парламет
      • парти
      • Партизан
      • Партија на Македонците во Грција “Виножито”
      • Партијата “Единствена горанска партија”
      • Партијата за правда
      • партијата на македонското национално малцинство во  Грција  “Виножито”
      • Партијата на македонското национално малцинство во Грција „Виножито“: Македонскиот јазик преживеа и потешки времиња
      • партијата на Македонците во Грција
      • Партијата на Македонците во Грција „Виножито“
      • пасош
      • пат
      • Патарини
      • Патос
      • Патот Клење-Стеблево
      • Патријарх Кирил
      • Патријархот Кирил
      • Патријархот московски и на цела Русија
      • Патријархот московски и на цела Русија Кирил
      • Патријархот на Руската православна црква Кирил
      • пд
      • пелистер
      • перу
      • Песна
      • Песна за Александар Македонски
      • Песни
      • Пета конференција на Деца Бегалци од Егејска Македонија
      • петар богдани
      • Петар Чаулев
      • Петиција
      • Петко Шипинкаровски
      • пештера
      • Пештера нај голема
      • Пештерската црква “Св.Богородица”
      • пиг сегед
      • Пиринска Македонија
      • писател
      • писмо
      • Пјонгчанг
      • планинарење
      • пласамн
      • Победа
      • Повелба на Република Македонија
      • поградец
      • Подградец
      • подршка
      • Поезија
      • поетша
      • пожар
      • пожари
      • Пожарникари
      • Познатата македонска поетеса Лидија Димковска
      • Политика
      • политичката партија на Македонците во Грција
      • политички парти
      • полиција
      • Положбата на Македонците во Албанија
      • полска
      • помен
      • помош
      • поп станко која
      • Поп Тодор Плаушку
      • попис
      • поплави
      • попова шапка
      • Поранешниот државен секретар на САД
      • Поранешниот јавен обвинител
      • португалија
      • посета
      • посета мала преспа
      • постоење
      • Почесен доктор на Летонската Христианска Академија
      • Почесен Консулат
      • почина
      • Почина Мито Алексовски Клавчов
      • права
      • православие
      • Православије
      • православна вера
      • Православна унија
      • православна црква
      • православни
      • православни велигден
      • Православниот богословски факултет во Скопје
      • Православните христијани
      • правславни
      • празник
      • празник 23 октомври
      • Пратеникот на Сириза Трианфилос Метафидис
      • Пратеничка
      • Пратеничката во Европскиот Парламент
      • првак
      • Првата дама на Република Македонија
      • првата светска војна
      • Првенство
      • Први мај
      • Првиот дигитален самит на земјите од Западен Балкан
      • Првите полимерни банкноти на Република Македонија
      • прво место
      • прво место група ц
      • Првославие
      • прекин
      • Прекин на преговорите
      • премиер
      • премиер на македонија
      • премиери
      • премиерот на албанија
      • премиерот на македонија
      • Премиерот на Република Македонија
      • Премиерот на Република Турција
      • премииерот на јапонија
      • Преображение Господово
      • Препорака
      • Прес
      • прес конференција
      • Пресвета Богородица
      • Пресвета Богородица – Мала Богородица
      • преседател
      • преседател на албанија
      • преседател на македонија
      • Преседател Никола Ѓурѓај
      • преседател русија
      • преседатели
      • преседателот илир мета
      • Преседателот на Република Макеоднија
      • преспа
      • претседател
      • претседател на ВМРО-ДПМНЕ
      • Претседател на Здружението на Македонците од Егејскиот дел на Македонија во Полска
      • Претседател на Македонија
      • Претседател на Република Српск
      • Претседател на Сојузната унија за европски националности (ФУЕН)
      • Претседател Никола Ѓурѓај
      • Претседателот Иванов
      • Претседателот Иванов ги додели сертификатите на учесниците во програмата „Ден со македонските водечки извршни директори”
      • Претседателот на Владата на Република Македонија
      • Претседателот на Европската комисија
      • Претседателот на Европската Комисија на ЕУ
      • Претседателот на македонското друштво “Илинден”-Тирана
      • Претседателот на Република Македонија
      • Претседателот на Република Македонија д-р Ѓорге Иванов
      • Претседателот на Република Македонија д-р Ѓорѓиа Иванов
      • Претседателот на Република Турција
      • Претседателот на Руската Федерација
      • Претседателот на С.Р. Германија
      • Претседателот на Собранието на Република Македонија
      • Прием
      • призавање
      • признавање
      • Признати
      • прилеп
      • принц
      • Принц од Лихтенштајн
      • Принципатот Лихтенштајн
      • Пристаниште
      • Пристигна во Македонија
      • притвор
      • Приштиа
      • прм
      • проблеми
      • производи
      • Промената на името е етнички геноцид врз Македонците
      • Промени
      • Промовирана книга за Македонците „Голо Брдо-Албанија“
      • промоција
      • прослава
      • Прославија празникот Спасовден
      • Протерување
      • протест
      • протестанти
      • Протести
      • против
      • против еди рама
      • Против промени на уставот
      • против референдум
      • против уставен
      • Проф. д-р Катерина Тодороска
      • проф. д-р Рената Дескоска
      • Процесот Брдо-Бриони
      • Проштална средба
      • Прпаганда
      • Пртсит
      • публицист и политички аналитичар
      • пустец
      • путин
      • Радикалната десница
      • Раѓањето Христово – Божик
      • разузнавање
      • Разформирање
      • рајанер
      • Рајн Некар
      • ракета
      • ракмет турнир
      • Ракомет
      • Ракометниот Клуб Енхалон
      • рама
      • Рамазански пости
      • раничниот премин “Џепиште-Требиште”
      • раст
      • Рафина
      • рацин
      • Реакција
      • Реал Мадрид
      • реал мадрит
      • револуционер
      • Регионалниот совет за соработка
      • Регионот на Преспанското Езеро
      • резолуција
      • Резолуција 2018
      • река дрим
      • рекци
      • рекција
      • Рената Тренеска Дескоска
      • Репбублика Македонија
      • репортажа
      • република
      • република македонија
      • Република Македонија г-дин Агим Синанај  активист во областа Голо Брдо
      • Република Словенија
      • република србска
      • Република Хрватска
      • референдум
      • Референдумот
      • Референдумот не успеа
      • реформи
      • речник
      • Реџеп Таип Ердоган
      • Риба
      • рибари
      • Рибник
      • Риболов
      • рим
      • Рио де Женерио
      • Ричард Симкот
      • рк вардар
      • Ркомет
      • робот
      • Рождество Христово – Божик
      • Рождеството Христово-Божик
      • романија
      • роминг
      • РСС
      • ртш2
      • руси
      • Русија
      • русин
      • руска амбасада
      • Руска Федерација
      • руската федерација
      • Руската Федерација и на Австралија
      • Руски автори
      • Руски амбасадор во Тирана
      • Руски професори
      • Рускиот амбасадор во Тирана
      • Рускиот министер за надворешни работи
      • Рускиот патријарх Кирил
      • Рускиот теолог Кураев
      • Рфм
      • Сад
      • саем
      • Сакдар
      • сали бериша
      • Самит
      • санкси
      • санкт петербург
      • сански
      • сара длака
      • Сара Џелили
      • св марена
      • св никола
      • Св. Јован Крстител
      • Св. Јован Крстител во Бигорски манастир
      • св. кирил и методиј
      • Св. Климент Охридски
      • Св. Наум Охридски Чудотворец
      • Св.Владимир Македонија
      • Св.Јован Владимир
      • Свет
      • света гора
      • Света Огнена Марија
      • светес
      • Светец
      • Свети Василиј Велики
      • Свети Наум
      • Светите браќа Кирил и Методиј
      • Светитот Архиерејски Синод на МПЦ
      • Светската финансиска
      • Светскиот Македонски Конгрес
      • Светскиот Македонски Конгрес (СМК)
      • светско
      • Светско првенство во параглајдерство – Прецизно слетување
      • Светското првенство во хокеј на мраз
      • сдсм
      • Сду
      • Себастијан Курц
      • северна кореа
      • северна кореја
      • Северозападниот дел
      • седница
      • СЕЛЕК
      • Село Врбник
      • Село Ербеле
      • Семакедонски донаторски коктел во Торондо
      • Семакедонски протест за одбрана на името
      • Семакедонски собир на Македонците од Балканот во Прилеп
      • семинар
      • Сениорско ЕП 2022
      • Сергеј Лавров
      • сергеј станишев
      • Сеќавање за етнологот Нијази Лиманоски и поетот Саме Жарноски
      • СЕХА лигата
      • Сигурими
      • сили
      • Силно невреме
      • Симболиката на црвени јајца за Велигден
      • симон трпчески
      • Симона Халеп
      • синагога
      • сирија
      • Сирици
      • сител
      • Скандал
      • Скендербег
      • Ски
      • ски центар
      • Ски центарот Маврово
      • скопје
      • славе груевски
      • Слободан Петров – Хановер
      • словачка
      • Словенечката војска
      • словениа
      • словенија
      • смилево
      • смк
      • снег
      • собир
      • Собир австралија
      • собрание
      • Собрание Австралија
      • Собранието на Република Македонија
      • собраќајка
      • совет на европа
      • Сојузна Република Германија
      • сојузник
      • сојузниот министер за Европа
      • Сојузот на здруженија од дијаспората
      • Сојузот на Македонците со исламска религија
      • Сојузот на националните малцинства на Република Српска
      • соларни
      • солун
      • соопштение
      • Сопорт
      • Сопругата на претседателот на Република Македонија
      • сопштение
      • соработка
      • Сорабтка
      • сорби
      • сореботка
      • состанок
      • состанок кипар
      • Состнаок
      • софтвер
      • сп
      • СП 2030
      • спанија
      • Спасе Мазенковски
      • Спасовден – Вознесение Христово
      • Специални единисци
      • спикер
      • споменик
      • спор
      • Спорт
      • спортинг лисабон
      • Спортски обожувалнци
      • СР Германија
      • Срамен договор
      • србија
      • среба
      • средба
      • средба ветерани
      • средба мнр
      • средба трново
      • срна гора
      • Српскиот Патријарх г. Иринеј
      • Став
      • стадион
      • стара нова година
      • стара нова година 2018
      • Стари коли
      • стари слики
      • Стеблево
      • степенди
      • стерјо спасе
      • Стоби флипс
      • Стојан Георгиев
      • Стојко Стиков
      • Стојко Стојков
      • Стопанската комора на Македонија
      • Стрга
      • Струга
      • струшки вечери на поезијата
      • студенти
      • студнти
      • суд
      • судбина
      • Судир бродови
      • судири
      • Судските реформи
      • супер радио
      • Тав
      • таеквндо
      • таеквондо
      • тајан служба
      • тајландски бокс
      • талин
      • Танец
      • татари
      • Татковина
      • Татковина Македонија
      • твш-2
      • Театар
      • Телеком Србија
      • телекомуникаци
      • Телохранителите на Ким Џонг-Ун
      • Тенис
      • тепачка
      • Тепелена
      • терориам
      • тероризам
      • терористи
      • терористичката организација исламска држава
      • Терористички напад во Стокхолм
      • тест
      • тестирање
      • Тетово
      • техеран
      • Технологија облак им помага на општеството”
      • Тешка сообраќајка несреќа
      • тибина
      • Тиквеш
      • Тиквеш. Македонија. Вино
      • Тиквешки гроздобер 2018
      • Тирана
      • тирана дпа
      • тирна
      • тито кола
      • Тморо
      • тмро
      • Тодор Петров
      • Тодор Петров – Претседател на Светски македонски конгрес (СМК) Скопје
      • топ
      • торонто
      • Трагедија
      • традиционално јадење македонски
      • трамп
      • тренер
      • Трет пол
      • Трибина
      • Трибина на тема “Еколошки криминал”
      • труење
      • Тужба
      • Туризам
      • туристи
      • Турнир
      • турски тек
      • турци во грција
      • Турција
      • у 21
      • Убавина
      • убиен
      • Убиен Лавдрим
      • убиство
      • Уганда
      • УДБА
      • уефа
      • уефа куп
      • Украина
      • Украинската Православна Црква
      • Улица
      • унгарија
      • Унгарскиот премиер
      • унеско
      • Универзитетот „Св.Кирил и Методи“ од Скопје. Република Македонија
      • Универзитетот во Атина
      • ураган
      • уса
      • Успение на Пресвета Богородица
      • Устав
      • уставно име
      • Уставно име Македонија
      • Уствно Име
      • Факултетот за физичко образование
      • фалцификат
      • Фатос Клоси
      • фатри фетаху
      • Фашизам
      • Фашисти
      • федералната унија на европските националности
      • Федералната Унија на Европските Националности (ФУЕН)
      • Федерика Могерини
      • Фејсбук
      • фенербахче
      • фестивал
      • Фестивал „Ден на Православието“
      • Фетулах Ѓулен
      • Фиер
      • филм
      • финале
      • финска
      • фитер бајрам
      • фифа
      • фк тетово
      • Фоклор
      • Фондацијата „Трајче Мукаетов“
      • Фондот за Западен Балкан
      • Формула 1
      • форум
      • форум за меди
      • фото никола
      • Франиција
      • Франицја
      • франција
      • Француската Република
      • Фронтекс
      • Фудбалскиот натпревар Албанија-Израел
      • Фуен
      • футбол
      • футболер
      • ффм
      • Хавиер Солана
      • хакерски напади
      • хановер
      • хеликоптер
      • хеликоптерска несреќа
      • хемичари
      • химна
      • Холандија
      • холандја
      • хорови
      • Хрватската европратеничка Петир
      • хрвацка
      • Христијан Мицкоски
      • Христовото раѓање – Божик
      • Христос Воскресна
      • Христос Восресна! Навистина Воскресна! честит Велигден!
      • Хуманитарната асоцијација “Св Архангел Гаврил”
      • Хунгарија
      • цар самоил
      • Цариград
      • царина
      • Царинските управи од Западен Балкан
      • цвет швајцарија
      • цветан мазнику
      • цвети кипријан македонски
      • цена
      • цени
      • центар
      • центар во ниш
      • центар ниш
      • Центарот за информативна и логистичка поддршка на граѓаните Нов Контакт – Македонија
      • Центарот за информативна поддршка Нов Контакт
      • централа
      • Централниот комитет
      • Центристичката Демократска Интернационала
      • циа
      • Ципрас
      • Црвен крст на Република Албанија
      • Црвен крст на Република Македонија
      • Црква
      • Црквата „Свети Спас“
      • Црквата Св.Преображение
      • Цркви албанија
      • Црна Гора
      • црногорски јазик
      • чами
      • Чамити
      • Честика
      • честитк
      • честитка
      • честитка за празници
      • Честитка од Македонско друштво „Илинден“-Tирана за 23-ти Октомври денот на Македонската Револуционерната Борба
      • Честитка од Македонско друштво „Илинден“-Tирана за 28 ми – 29 ноември денот на Независноста и денот на ослободувањето на Албанија
      • Честитка по повод 24 Мај – Денот на сесловенските просвететели
      • Четвртото место во лигата на шампионите
      • чешка
      • Чешката Република
      • чикаго
      • член на Mакедонско друштво “Илинден“- Огранок Голо Брдо
      • Членка
      • Џејсон Мико
      • Џепиште -Требиште
      • Џорџ Сорос
      • Џудистката Борјана Поп Атанасова
      • џудо
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      • Школа за малди лидери
      • школа за млади лидери
      • Школата за млади лидери
      • Школо
      • Шкотската
      • Шовинизам Грчки
      • Шпанија
      • Шпетим Идризи
      • шпионажа
      • Шпиунажа
      • Штефан Требст
      • Штип
      • шумарство и водостопанство
      • Шупензи


      • Весник Илинден (2307)

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      ★Insead vs stanford

      INSEAD – MBA (Part Time)

      Provided by Insead

      company logo

      company logo


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      INSEAD – MBA (Part Time)

      Provided by Insead

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      • Course Introduction
      • Fees & Funding

      Course introduction


      Welcome to the MBA Programme

      We invite you to learn more about how INSEAD can help you achieve your desired success.

      With three fully-integrated campuses in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, and over 80 different nationalities in the classroom, no other business school offers such a multicultural experience. The accelerated 10-month curriculum develops successful, thoughtful leaders and entrepreneurs who create value for their organisations and their communities. Our alumni often say that their year at INSEAD was life-changing.

      Learning Methodology
      The INSEAD MBA programme requires a high level of engagement from our participants under the expert leadership of our professors. In fact, it is the vast diversity of experiences brought by our students to campus that makes the programme unique.
      Diverse study groups

      As an MBA participant you will initially join a study group of 5 to 6 students, selected to maximise diversity in terms of age, gender, nationality, experience, previous education and professional background. During most of the core courses of the programme, your group will become the focal point for your work as you complete assignments and solve problems together.
      Lively classroom exchange

      In the classroom, INSEAD professors aim to bring out the best in each of you, so that you learn from each other’s experiences as well as from their own cutting-edge research. Their objective is to tease out different perspectives in order to orchestrate a multi-faceted debate and challenge everyone’s assumptions.
      Multiple teaching methods

      There is no single preferred teaching method at INSEAD. Our faculty is free to choose the method they believe fits best with the content of the session. You will, therefore, experience a wide variety of teaching styles and techniques, including case studies, computer simulations, role-plays, project work and study tours. What matters to INSEAD is not the method chosen but the result: the effectiveness of your learning experience.

      Group Experience
      Learning how to work effectively in diverse groups is a crucial part of the MBA programme, and at INSEAD we take special care to craft groups that are diverse not only in terms of nationality, but also industry background and professional expertise. The aim is to ensure that each group member will bring a unique perspective and a unique set of strengths and weaknesses to both learn from and contribute to the team.

      Study groups consist of 5 to 6 members and are fixed for the core curriculum of the programme. During these first four months, you will complete a total of about 50 group assignments, spread across 11 different subjects. Preparation time may vary from a few minutes to many hours or even days, and to facilitate easy interaction you will sit together during classes as well. Each group tends to have its own dynamics, driven by differences in temperament, teamwork and leadership styles. Of course, conflicts may arise, but courses such as Organisational Behaviour will give you tools to analyse different behavioural patterns and experiment with new and modified ways of influencing, motivating and negotiating with others.

      Once you have completed the core curriculum, you will move on to choose electives from different areas of interest, so you will form new groups with new people in each course. However, the many days (and sometimes nights) you spent studying, debating and bonding with your first study group often lead to close friendships that stay on long beyond you have earned your MBA. So when you meet with current students or Alumni, be sure to ask them about their study group because it is bound to be one of your key experiences at INSEAD.

      Campus Exchange
      Learning to lead across different cultures and geographies is critical to success in this global world. Our two fully-fledged campuses, in France and Singapore, as well as our partnerships with Wharton and Kellogg in the US, offer you as many opportunities as possible to broaden your horizons.

      While each of our campuses have a distinctly different feel, both have permanent faculty that live and work in the region. INSEAD offers the same core courses and most of the same electives with many faculty members regularly teaching on both campuses. And just as important, you will find the same calibre of students on both campuses. As we often say, “one school, one MBA programme, two campuses”.

      Course Curriculum
      The 10-month MBA programme includes five periods, each lasting eight weeks. At the end
      of every period, there is an assessment (exam, essay or project) and a short break. The first half of the programme is built around 14 core courses, which provide you with a solid understanding of the key management disciplines.

      During the second half of the programme, INSEAD offers you an unparalleled range of innovative electives, all taught from an international perspective. You can tailor the programme to meet your specific needs and career objectives by choosing 11 electives from a selection of more than 75 courses (offered across both campuses). While some students prefer to concentrate on certain disciplines, such as entrepreneurship and strategy, others choose to take courses in a wider variety of subjects to prepare for a career in general management.

      Fees & Funding

      Please enquire below for course fees and financial grants:

      Send Enquiry

      Send Enquiry

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      What Changes in the INSEAD MBA Curriculum?

      INSEAD B-school has announced improvements to its top-ranked MBA curriculum that will take effect in September 2017.

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      What Changes in the INSEAD MBA Curriculum?

      INSEAD B-school has announced improvements to its top-ranked MBA curriculum that will take effect in September 2017.

      Fresh from receiving the top spot in  the Financial Times’ 2017 ranking of Global MBA programmes  for the second year in a row, INSEAD will be implementing  changes  in its MBA programme it feels will better serve its students in their preparation for a lifetime of business leadership.

      INSEAD’s Dean of Degree Programmes and Associate Professor of Finance, Urs Peyer, believes the improvements in the MBA programme “will offer students a more personalised learning journey with professional coaching and career advisors, more elective choice…, an innovative ‘big picture’ course about Business and Society, as well as a leading-edge digital start to their MBA programme.”

      MBA curriculum changes

      During a two-year review of its MBA programme,  INSEAD  solicited input from key stakeholders, like faculty, alumni, and recruiters, to overhaul its curriculum. The goal was to enhance the programme by focusing on new aspects of “personal leadership and career development”. This approach to learning is designed to be transformational, equipping students with the practical skills to thrive in a global business environment and giving them the foundational education to support it.

      New digital start

      If you worry about having enough business knowledge to begin an intense MBA programme, or if it has been a while since you were in school, you will benefit from INSEAD’s new unique preparatory tutorials.

      The INSEAD programme assesses students’ core knowledge and provides access to digital learning tools to prepare them for success in their MBA courses.

      Personalised learning journey

      Once you are confident of your ability to proceed with INSEAD’s MBA programme, you will embark on a 10-month journey designed to turn you into an innovative and successful leader in the new global business world, or to stimulate the budding entrepreneur in you. INSEAD has added a new Personal Leadership Development Programme to enhance your learning experience. It includes personal coaching from professionals and peers throughout the globe.

      Content innovations

      INSEAD’s curriculum changes are geared around a concept it is calling “Business as a Force for Good”, which helps students understand the complex relationship between business and society at large. Three new courses on ethics, politics, and policy have been combined into one “super-course”.

      New electives

      The 10-month MBA programme focuses first on a core curriculum of strategy, marketing, finance, accounting, and organisational behaviour courses. Following that, you can choose from over 75 elective classes so you can focus on the particular skills of interest to you and that will benefit you in your career. With the improved MBA programme, INSEAD has expanded this array of elective courses, adding new classes on digital initiatives as well as business ethics.

      Personal career advisors

      Intent on preparing you for the transition from student to alumni, as you embark upon a professional career, INSEAD will assign you a personal career advisor who will assist you from the start of the MBA programme to its finish.

      Culminating capstone

      With the virtually instantaneous spread of information throughout the world, companies sometimes have to make split-second decisions that can be critical to their future. Planning for contingencies and crises is key to steering a company through choppy waters. In an effort to drive this point home, INSEAD will thrust you into a simulated business crisis just prior to your graduation from the MBA programme. This culminating capstone exercise will force you to apply the knowledge you have gained and to use your own analytical talents to react to the simulation of a critical and realistic crisis.

      INSEAD programme details

      INSEAD is one of the world’s top business schools and has graduated over 50,000 students from its programmes. A popular destination for international students, INSEAD has 170 countries represented in its pool of alumni. The current class of 2017 has an average GMAT score of 707, average age of 29, average experience level of approximately six years, and is roughly one-third female.

      Check out: What an MBA Degree Can and Can’t Do for You?

      Its Fontainebleau, France location is INSEAD’s flagship campus, but it also has locations in Singapore and Abu Dhabi. This multi-campus learning environment allows students an international experience, further expanding their horizons and exposing them to global issues. In addition to MBA and Master’s programmes, INSEAD offers a full suite of executive education courses with over 11,000 participants each year and a doctoral programme in management.

      INSEAD has demonstrated it does not take its rank as #1 MBA programme in the world lightly. Rather than being content with its programme and standing, INSEAD instead seeks continuous improvement to retain its position as a global leader in business education. As its Dean and Professor of Economics Ilian Mihov said, “It is important for us to constantly innovate and to provide our MBA students an academic education of the highest standards.” 

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      New Edition of Strategic Management Course in China

      New Edition of Strategic Management Course in China

      New Edition of Strategic Management Course in China

      The encounter with the Chinese economic environment is a crucial learning experience for future managers.

      The Launch of the Online MBA 2.0

      The Launch of the Online MBA 2.0

      The Launch of the Online MBA 2.0

      The MSM Online MBA provides students with the same accredited management education as its on-campus MBA programmes.

      Dr Stephen Hodges at Hult Business School

      Dr Stephen Hodges at Hult Business School

      Dr Stephen Hodges at Hult Business School

      At the initial stage of my involvement with Hult it was clear that globalisation had, without doubt, exerted an impact on every single industry, but not really…

      Mr Pablo Fraile at Ashridge Business School

      Mr Pablo Fraile at Ashridge Business School

      Mr Pablo Fraile at Ashridge Business School

      Coming from an engineering position within my company into a sales and marketing role, I started to be less involved in technical matters and more involved in…

      Executive MBA for the Creative Industries

      Executive MBA for the Creative Industries

      Executive MBA for the Creative Industries

      In October 2016, Ashridge Business School is launching an exciting new MBA “breed” – the online Executive MBA for the Creative Industries.

      Ms Laura Tyson at the London Business School MBA

      Ms Laura Tyson at the London Business School MBA

      Ms Laura Tyson at the London Business School MBA

      The School is the only institution in the Business and Management unit of assessment to receive the 5*A rating. London Business School is the graduate school of…

      Ms Mirjam Schokker at Ashridge Business School MBA

      Ms Mirjam Schokker at Ashridge Business School MBA

      Ms Mirjam Schokker at Ashridge Business School MBA

      Ashridge combines a business school with an innovative organisational consultancy. The School works with around 500 organisations and over 6,000 executives…

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      School News

      New Edition of Strategic Management Course in China

      New Edition of Strategic Management Course in China

      The Launch of the Online MBA 2.0

      The Launch of the Online MBA 2.0

      EU Business School Online MBA: The Flexible Option

      EU Business School Online MBA: The Flexible Option

      MSM and Herzing University Discuss Double MBA Options

      MSM and Herzing University Discuss Double MBA Options

      Mr Lawrence Chan at CUHK Business School

      Mr Lawrence Chan at CUHK Business School

      Ms Rebecca Brown at the Ashridge EMBA

      Ms Rebecca Brown at the Ashridge EMBA


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      Education, Universities, Schools, Nurseries | Dubai, UAE, MENA

      Your #1 Education Guide
      INSEAD Abu Dhabi

      INSEAD Abu Dhabi

      • Address:
        4th Street – Muroor Road – Abu Dhabi , UAE
      • Founded:
      • +9712 6515200 Show Phone Number
      • Location Map

        INSEAD Abu Dhabi


      As one of the world’s leading and biggest graduate business colleges, INSEAD offers members a genuinely universal academic experience. With campuses in Europe (France), Asia (Singapore) and Middle East (Abu Dhabi), and partnerships with top organizations, INSEAD’s business training and research traverses far and wide. Our 145 eminent employees from 40 nations motivate more than 1,400 students in our degree and PhD programs. On top of that, more than 11,000 officials take an interest in INSEAD’s executive training programs every year.

      INSEAD’s pioneering programs are globally acknowledged. Of specific note, the Financial Times has positioned INSEAD as the #1 MBA program in that world for two years consecutively (2016 & 2017).

      INSEAD Middle East

      With half a century’s experience in conveying phenomenal business training, and three decades of performing research and executive education programs in Europe and Asia, INSEAD extended its venture into the Middle East in 2007 with the foundation of the campus in Abu Dhabi.

      The Middle East assumes an undeniably critical part in any international business plan as world resource demand develops. INSEAD is focused on growing business training over this dynamic district, offering bits of knowledge into cutting edge management ideas and overall business practices n one of the quickest developing and energizing regions of the world. It is with this objective that we have initiated seven open-enrolment programs at our campus in Abu Dhabi.

      INSEAD’s campus in Abu Dhabi was additionally set up to better comprehend and add to the advancement of the area through profound research of necessary business subjects of both local and worldwide intrigue. Driven by INSEAD’s world class workforce, applied research activities are being embraced in a few zones including: women and leadership, heathcare and HR management and humanitarian logistics.


      Diversity as a source of learning and enhancement

      We are free from any prevailing customs or pervasive authoritative opinion; we are interested in, and aware of, different perspectives; we learn through the exchange of thoughts and encounters.

      Autonomy as an administration guideline

      We have faith in scholarly freedom and are self-governing in our financial, institutional and scholastic planning and decision making process.

      Thoroughness and significance in teaching and research

      We support diversity in research and training strategies with no single school of thought or system prevailing; what is important is thoroughness and effect on administration as a scholastic discipline, on business practice, and in the classroom.

      Closeness to the international business community

      We cooperate with the global business community to investigate and disperse administration knowledge; we trust in the part of business as a power for enhancing individuals’ lives.

      Entrepreneurial soul

      We will explore and enhance; we are prepared to go out on a limb and deal with the aftereffects of our activities.

      Where they work
      • McKinsey & Company
      • Microsoft
      • INSEAD
      • Accenture
      • The Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
      • Bain & Company
      • Amazon
      • IBM
      • Google
      • Telenor
      What they do
      • Business Development
      • Sales
      • Finance
      • Operations
      • Entrepreneurship
      • Consulting
      • Information Technology
      • Marketing
      • Education
      • Support
      • Leadership: Dean: Ilian Mihov
      • Founded: 2007
      • Gender: Mixed (Co-education)
      • Address:
        4th Street – Muroor Road – Abu Dhabi , UAE
      • +9712 6515200 Show Phone Number
      • Location Map

        INSEAD Abu Dhabi

      • Visit Website
      Email Admission
      Visit Website
      Claim or Edit this Listing? Email us.


      Business Administration
      Sales & Marketing
      Supply Chain & Logistics Management

      Courses & Programs


      • Advanced Management Programme
      • Transition to General Management Programme
      • Management Acceleration Programme
      • PhD in Management


      • AVIRA (Awareness, Vision, Imagination, Role, Action) Programme
      • Challenge of Leadership Programme
      • LEAP (Leadership Excellence Through Awareness and Practice) Programme
      • The Leadership Transition Programme
      • High Impact Leadership Programme
      • Learning to Lead Programme
      • Leading Successful Change Programme
      • Leading the Business of Sustainability Programme
      • Management Skills for International Business Programme


      • Innovation by Design Programme
      • Strategy in the Age of Digital Disruption Programme
      • Leading Digital Marketing Strategy Programme
      • Leading Digital Transformation and Innovation Programme
      • INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy Programme


      • Finance for Executives Programme
      • Advanced International Corporate Finance Programme
      • Advanced Asset Management Programme
      • Strategic Management in Banking Programme
      • Risk Management in Banking Programme
      • Master of Finance programme

      Sales & Marketing

      • Leading Digital Marketing Strategy Programme
      • Strategic Marketing Programme
      • AIMS (Advanced Industrial Marketing Strategy) Programme
      • Negotiation Dynamics Programme
      • Leading the Effective Sales Force Programme
      • Powering Growth Programme

      Supply Chain & Logistics Management

      • Supply Chain Management Programme
      • Strategic R&D Management Programme


      • INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Programme
      • Value Creation for Owners and Directors Programme
      • Family Enterprise Challenge Programme

      Business Administration

      • Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme
      • Executive MBA (EMBA)




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      Thank you once again for doing your part to keep Edarabia the most trusted education source.

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      Four Abu Dhabi schools rated outstanding this year as standards rise across the board

      Four Abu Dhabi schools rated outstanding this year as standards rise across the board

      Briton wins $60k prize for 'inspirational, outstanding' teaching

      Briton wins $60k prize for ‘inspirational, outstanding’ teaching

      Innovative Sheikh Zayed-inspired youth opera premieres October 25

      Innovative Sheikh Zayed-inspired youth opera premieres October 25

      An international education without leaving the UAE

      An international education without leaving the UAE

      Manchester City FC Brings City Football Schools to Dubai

      Manchester City FC Brings City Football Schools to Dubai

      Are Teacher Professional Development Programs being evaluated effectively?

      Are Teacher Professional Development Programs being evaluated effectively?

      Louvre Abu Dhabi - 15 Things You Need to Know

      Louvre Abu Dhabi – 15 Things You Need to Know

      Teaching Jobs in Abu Dhabi

      Teaching Jobs in Abu Dhabi

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        PlayStation 4

        • Publisher:

          En Masse Entertainment

        • Release Date:
          Mar 8, 2018
        • Also On:

          PC , Xbox One

        • Summary

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        • User Reviews

        • Details & Credits

        • Trailers & Videos

        TERA Image


        Mixed or average reviews

        based on


        What’s this?

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        • Summary:

          TERA is an innovative Action MMO featuring groundbreaking combat where player position, timing, and aim determine success in combat, creating an experience beyond the limitations of traditional point-and-click style MMO games. In the world of TERA, teamwork matters more than race or class,TERA is an innovative Action MMO featuring groundbreaking combat where player position, timing, and aim determine success in combat, creating an experience beyond the limitations of traditional point-and-click style MMO games. In the world of TERA, teamwork matters more than race or class, as players form a common federation to stave off obliteration from marauding monsters and evil gods. TERA seamlessly integrates elements such as questing, PvP combat, and crafting into its "all action, no faction" approach, giving players the MMO features they love in an innovative new context. Expand

        • Developer:

          Bluehole Studio
        • Genre(s): Role-Playing, Massively Multiplayer
        • # of players:
          Massively Multiplayer
        • Cheats:
          On GameFAQs
        • Rating:
        • More Details and Credits »


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        TERA – Argon Assault Event Trailer

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        Critic Reviews

        Score distribution:
        1. Positive:

          out of 5

        2. Mixed:

          out of 5

        3. Negative:

          out of 5

        1. Wccftech
          Apr 3, 2018

          TERA’s console launch may be off to a rough start, but the amazing combat system should keep players coming back for more, even for players that just want to enjoy an MMORPG without paying a dime.

          • All this publication’s reviews
          • Read full review

        2. DarkStation
          Apr 18, 2018

          Had TERA appeared on console in 2012, it would have been an impressive and unique product. It still looks pretty good and plays well – its two biggest selling points at launch – but the endless grind, old-school quest structure, and bland story and characters make it harder to sell in 2018. Of course, the social and co-operative aspects of any MMO are important and they may help elevate the experience when the game launches, but TERA’s core feels a bit hollow, dated, and irrelevant.

          • All this publication’s reviews
          • Read full review

        3. GamingTrend
          May 1, 2018

          Tera is silly, lusty, and over-the-top cute aesthetic within a massive MMO world, interspersed with frustrating and bad gameplay elements that punctuate otherwise fun and immersive action. The world is full of perils, and players have a lot of control over the types of characters they’ll use to face those perils. More fun than foul, Tera combines the cartoony and the serious in its attempt to create a worthwhile MMO universe, and accomplishes the underpinning of a great title.

          • All this publication’s reviews
          • Read full review

        4. Gaming Nexus
          May 11, 2018

          While the combat and dungeons are fast and fun and have been translated to console successfully, the over-world has been sliced and diced in a manner that removes most reasons to visit it. If you have a group of friends and you want to run through the game, quickly leveling up and taking down giant monsters, Tera will be a blast. But if you actually enjoy the journey to the endgame, good luck. Tera has lost its patience for players like you.

          • All this publication’s reviews
          • Read full review

        5. Gaming Age
          Apr 4, 2018

          While it’s a good experience overall, it will have trouble hooking players for the long haul in its current state. Personally, I enjoyed most of my time with TERA and I do suggest checking it out since it really won’t cost you anything. It’s a true free to play MMORPG with some great action packed combat. Give it a try, there’s really nothing to lose.

          • All this publication’s reviews
          • Read full review

        This publication does not provide a score for their reviews.
        This publication has not posted a final review score yet.
        These unscored reviews do not factor into the Metascore calculation.

        In Progress & Unscored

        1. Destructoid
          Apr 3, 2018

          Despite these nitpicks that are unique to the console editions, TERA is still absolutely worth trying out if you’ve never delved into it before. It’s something I plan on sticking with on the side rather than as a main course, but those of you who are already chowing down on TERA should probably stay with the PC version.

          • All this publication’s reviews
          • Read full review

        2. Twinfinite
          Apr 4, 2018

          TERA is a low-risk game to try out. Yeah, the questing isn’t anything to write home about it seems, but it’s still a fast-paced, free-to-play MMORPG, that is genuinely fun to play thanks to its dynamic combat.

          • All this publication’s reviews
          • Read full review

        User Reviews

        Write a Review
        Score distribution:
        1. Positive:

          out of 6

        2. Mixed:

          out of 6

        3. Negative:

          out of 6

        1. devilhunter665
          Apr 4, 2018


          Tera is the most ‘serious’ mmorpg on ps4 so far… .

          • 0
            users found this helpful

        2. Reigerx
          May 20, 2018


          Un excelente juego MMORPG que permite relacionarte con otros jugadores entrando en batallas épicas, haciendo misiones y elevando niveles, cadaUn excelente juego MMORPG que permite relacionarte con otros jugadores entrando en batallas épicas, haciendo misiones y elevando niveles, cada personaje tiene sus propias características y funciones que permiten que un jugador se decante por ser un personaje según su raza a ser de ataque, apoyo o aguante (TANKE). Las horas de juego son prácticamente infinitas, ademas de ser un juego gratuito en PS4, cabe decir que hay algunos detalles a nivel de imagen, ademas en algunas ocasiones suelen haber tirones en sectores donde existe gran cantidad de gráficos, el sonido es bastante bueno, pero creo que el titulo aun le falta refinarlo en la PS4, en especial en los gráficos, ya que a nivel PC este es bastante superior, por lo tanto los detalles son propios de PS4. Vamos que le pueden dar un plus a TERA. Cabe destacar que existen dos modalidades PVP y PVE, la primera esta orientada a combates con otros usuarios on Line, en cambio la segunda esta orientada a realizar misiones y cumplir objetivos a nivel de grupo. Expand

          • 0
            users found this helpful

        3. CraigEchols
          Apr 14, 2018


          I had been waiting for TERA to come to PS4 ever since it was announced in early 2017. I’ve sunk 15 hours into the game thus far and here areI had been waiting for TERA to come to PS4 ever since it was announced in early 2017. I’ve sunk 15 hours into the game thus far and here are my takeaways:

          -The graphics are pretty good. Especially for a F2P MMORPG. You deal with some pop-up textures here to there, but in comparison to the other F2P MMORPGs for the PS4, its graphics and stability are for the most part on the top tier.

          -While the graphics aren’t bad, character customization leaves a lot to be desired. The character models are hilariously bad. Apparently every race in the game suffers from a disease that makes there head 1/4th the size of their body. Seriously, why are all the characters ridiculously big? For instance, I picked a human archer for my class and yet I couldn’t customize him in any way that he didn’t come away the size of an NBA Power Forward.

          -The combat is fluid. Not fast paced. Fluid. That’s not a bad thing as 90% of MMORPGs on the market a pretty much the same. So no harm, no foul there and it makes things easy for strategizing with teammates and those who wish to contribute and it does have more of an action-like feel. However, enemies follow you far. And I mean far. Speaking of the enemies.

          -The enemies are pretty much filler as you would expect for the most part. Bosses can be fun. Nothing particularly difficult unless you are getting attacked in a group which is a bit disappointing since I was hoping for a bit more challenge.

          -The spell bars and items cache set up leaves a lot to be desired. There’s no doubt on the PC it probably looks fine. But on the PS4 (and I’d imagine XBOX One) It is an eyesore. Its automatically set up for you as you gain them and they are pretty hard to differentiate from one another. Particularly because the text and symbols on them are so small and hard to read. There is no reason for this. I am playing the game on a 65″ 4K TV and yet the text and spells are so small you almost need bifocals to see them clearly. You are better off just memorizing everything.

          -More on the spells and attacks: while they are no doubt fine in and of themselves, I personally don’t like how it automatically sets them up for you. In addition, I don’t like how it hand holds you leveling them up either. It puts the ones you can acquire and upgrade at the top for you and pretty much tells you what to do. The spell system if kind of…boring. You just pick a spell and level it up. I was hoping for something deeper. Most MMOs allow you to not only upgrade spells, but attributes as well. While it sort of does that, its all one pool. In a game where the fighting is more action-y, it would do them well to change how certain characters can do different things (agility, defense, intelligence/wisdom/cunning, etc.)

          -As we know with most F2P games, you either have to fork out a lot of money or grind heavy. Honestly, 15 hours in and I haven’t come across a wave of MTX like I would expect which is a really good thing. I feel like I am really having the opportunity to progress along at a good pace. But holy crap, is there a lot of grinding. Apparently the publishers knew how much grinding there was gonna be because I got a payout it felt like once every 15 minutes for killing a certain type/number of enemies. I will never complain about free stuff, but I do find this a bit humorous in a cynical way.

          -Not particularly a big game problem, but deserves and honorable mention: completed quests don’t have a hub area. Why is this a problem? Enemies can attack you while you are speaking to your NPC. If they attack you, it cuts off the conversation and you have to kill them and restart the conversation. And 9/10 the NPC won’t aggro for you, so you have to do it yourself. While not a big problem, its the thought that counts.

          I would have to say I’m a bit disappointed in this game. While not bad, I expected more. I have been really looking for an F2P MMORPG to pull me away from Neverwinter, but I can’t say this is much better. That being said, its a clear step up from the messes that are Skyforge and Star Trek Online. But after dealing with the flaws of Neverwinter for so long, I was hoping for something….different. This isn’t a bad game by any means and I see me playing it along side Neverwinter (I love MMOs).

          TL;DR: Its the twin sister of Neverwinter except it has black hair instead of brown hair and it doesn’t smoke, but it vapes. If you are looking for an average F2P MMO of which you don’t have to sink so much heart into, its either this game or the aforementioned game. Expand

          • 0
            users found this helpful

        4. BlitZeR_95
          May 21, 2018


          I’m a big fan of MMORPG since I was a little kid. So far I’m glad this isn’t fully pay2win but it is still there a little bit but it isn’tI’m a big fan of MMORPG since I was a little kid. So far I’m glad this isn’t fully pay2win but it is still there a little bit but it isn’t thrown into your face. The major problem I have is the Kumas Royale (PvP) which kills the game for me because there is a point that you’re forced to do it to level unless you want to go through hours and hours of grinding. Kumas is probably one of the worst game mode I’ve ever encountered. I don’t know how the matchmaking is like but I’ve always ended up losing in this game mode. It seems like the game always puts you into the losing side. I’ve won 2 times and lost 51 times in this game mode. Something seems very off here.

          Decent MMORPG but huge problem later on for late levels/end game Expand

          • 0
            users found this helpful

        5. tehgreg
          May 7, 2018


          Tera Online for PS4 is a pretty cool game but only if you have someone to play it with. The servers are dead and I haven’t been able to find aTera Online for PS4 is a pretty cool game but only if you have someone to play it with. The servers are dead and I haven’t been able to find a group for a dungeon for over a week now.

          The fact that there is 6 servers and each of them has 3 channels isn’t helping to make it easier for players to play together.

          It’s a real shame because the game runs really well and you can tell that they worked hard to create the interface that is easy to use for a controller. Expand

          • 0
            users found this helpful

        6. Gigameister
          May 7, 2018


          TERA is a good MMORPG with an even better Controller port.
          Graphics are still going good and mechanics are fun.
          System is plagued with
          TERA is a good MMORPG with an even better Controller port.
          Graphics are still going good and mechanics are fun.
          System is plagued with loot-boxes and specific changes that havn’t been addressed by the publisher that make the game harder to play in a F2P Environment, artificially pushing people to buy INGAME CURRENCY to be able to progress.
          Beware. Game is riddled with an toxic comunity of p2w players who look down on f2p players.
          Support Discord is amazing, some of the community managers and GM’s acctually respond to peoples concerns/issues.

          • 0
            users found this helpful


        • TERA – Argon Assault Event Trailer

          Play Video TERA - Argon Assault Event Trailer

          • 0:41
          now playing

          play now

        • TERA – Console Launch Trailer

          Play Video TERA - Console Launch Trailer

          • 1:14
          now playing

          play now

        • TERA 5th Anniversary Celebration Trailer

          Play Video TERA 5th Anniversary Celebration Trailer

          • 1:35
          now playing

          play now

        • TERA – Warrior Apex Skills Exclusive Trailer

          Play Video TERA - Warrior Apex Skills Exclusive Trailer

          • 0:34
          now playing

          play now

        • TERA – Godsfall Update Apex Skills Exclusive Trailer

          Play Video TERA - Godsfall Update Apex Skills Exclusive Trailer

          • 4:07
          now playing

          play now

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        • program dirty 2018.06.05 31 25 23.still001

          Mingis on Tech: WWDC recap

        I’ve put together an essential foundation document for Mac users who may sometimes try to help support friends and family.

        In this report, you’ll learn:

        • The three ‘R’s’
        • Essential startup keys
        • Using Disk Utility
        • 6+ utilities you should install
        • How to create a bootable USB drive
        • Recommended kit
        • Further reading

        The three R’s of tech support:

        [ Further reading: 21 keyboard shortcuts Mac users need to know ]

        You should have permanent recall of these three troubleshooting steps:


        This is sometimes all it takes. 


        [ Get certified as an Apple Technical Coordinator with this seven-part online course from PluralSight. ]

        Still having problems? Restart the Mac holding down Command-R to enter Disk Recovery mode. Launch Disk Utility in this mode and Fix Permissions on your drive. You can also run Disk Utility in normal mode.


        Enter Disk Recovery mode (Command-R) to run Disk Utility to Verify and Repair your Disk, or to reinstall the OS.

        Essential startup options

        Hold down these keys to access critical help.


        Startup from a bootable CD, DVD or USB drive (or N to launch from a network server, if available).


        Launches a Mac in Safe Boot mode, it will check the integrity of your startup volume and will launch with the minimum OS X extensions it needs, no user fonts, startup or login items. Graphics and system performance will be slower.

        Command, Option, P and R:

        Power up your Mac and hold these keys as soon as you hear the startup chime. Keep the keys depressed until you hear a second chime. Release them and the Mac should boot as normal, though now its PRAM data will have been reset. You will need to reenter some passwords (so get a note of these first), but this command should eradicate many inconsistencies.


        Launches your Mac in Recovery Mode and you get to access OS X utilities: Restore from Time Machine, Reinstall OS X, Apple support and Disk Utility.


        Launches Apple’s hardware test to uncover any hardware problems on the Mac.


        Allows you to choose which bootable device to launch Mac from.


        Verbose Mode will show you what’s happening during startup and may help identify a Mac problem. Command-S launches Single User Mode, a text-based UI for advanced users.

        Get to know these keyboard commands – zapping the PRAM, Recovery Mode and Hardware Test are invaluable.

        Using Disk Utility

        The Disk Utility app (Applications>Utilities) is Apple’s Swiss Army knife for most problems. If the Mac you are working with is running slowly, seems to be missing data or even if you’ve just upgraded the system, you should launch Disk Utility and “Verify Disk Permissions” and/or “Verify Disk”.

        If problems are found with Disk Permissions you can fix these using this app, but you cannot fix the startup disk. For this, you’ll need to start in Recovery Mode (Command-R). Lots more information on Disk Utility here .

        Essential utilities

        There’s life beyond Disk Utility, of course. It makes sense to familiarize yourself with these apps – not only will they enable you to keep your own system in good shape, but if you are attempting to troubleshoot another person’s Mac, these tools may provide considerable help.

        Onyx ( free )

        Incredibly useful (and powerful) system maintenance utility.

        Gemini (free)

        An excellent solution that helps identify duplicate files on your Mac

        OmniDiskSweeper utility (free)

        Find forgotten files and folders that may take up space.

        SuperDuper ( $28 )

        Always maintain a current clone copy of your Mac.

        Disk Warrior ( $100 )

        The ultimate emergency tool.

        AppCleaner ( donation )

        A fast and effective unused app deletion tool that safely eradicates space-consuming app resources.

        Glance at these 11 applications and this short collection of dull-seeming apps many users may need .

        Bootable USB drive

        You can create a bootable USB drives (you need at least 8GB ) of OS X Yosemite following these instructions from OS X Daily . Once you have created the drive, you’ll be able to launch any Mac from this drive, enabling you to troubleshoot the system.

        That’s fine if you want to launch in Yosemite, but you can create drives for older OS X versions, too (just to keep bases covered), so long as you (or a friend) have previously downloaded them from the App Store.

        • Open the App Store.
        • Enter your Apple ID and Password and Sign In.
        • Select Purchases and look for the previous OS version download (eg. OS X Mavericks).
        • Click Download and follow these instructions .

        I’ve linked to other reports, as this task requires an article of its own – however, there’s nothing more useful than a bootable disk when troubleshooting Macs.

        Recommended kit

        Always have access to a wired keyboard and mouse in case of Bluetooth problems.

        Keep a high-capacity portable hard drive to create on-the-fly backups – encourage people you help to get their own drives and invest in regular system backups using Carbon Copy Cloner .

        Apple’s AirPort Time Capsule is both a Wi-Fi basestation and network storage drive that will automatically keep backups of your system – though it isn’t infallible.

        I hope you’ve enjoyed this short guide. It should offer all the basic information you need to troubleshoot many Mac problems.

        Further reading

        Read OS X Daily and explore Apple support .

        • 6 great gifts your Mac will love you for
        • Setting up OS X Yosemite the way you want it
        • OS X Yosemite: How to take charge of Mac startups
        • How and why to Repair Disk
        • Using Apple’s hidden Wi-Fi Diagnostics tool
        • OS X: Everything you need to use Smart Folders
        • OS X: A quick guide to Services on your Mac
        • OS X: Sharing files between Windows and Mac

        Google+? If you use social media and happen to be a Google+ user, why not join AppleHolic’s Kool Aid Corner community and join the conversation as we pursue the spirit of the New Model Apple?

        Got a story? Drop me a line via Twitter or in comments below and let me know. I’d like it if you chose to follow me


        • Operating Systems
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        Jonny is a freelance writer who has been writing (mainly about Apple and technology) since 1999.


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        An essay refers to the type of work that is regularly required in most subjects and are written on a variety of topics, both in high schools and in universities. It’s not an extensive work, which usually requires not only the presence of a student’s personal opinion, but also comprehensive critical thinking and analysis.

        Not so long ago, essay writing required many hours of sitting in a library, studying multiple sources of information, and then rewriting the text by hand. Now, of course, the task is facilitated by the ability to find information on the Internet and just copying it, but to look for this information, and structuring and proofreading text, still takes time. In addition, considering the abundance of data on the worldwide web, you can’t always be sure of information’s authenticity.

        If you need a high-quality, meaningful essay, and there is no time to write it, the best decision for you is to buy an essay online for cheap from a professional writing service. After receiving your order, you will be able to examine it and use as a source for your own paper. You will get the same result or even better, but this will give you a chance to avoid searching through countless pages on the Internet and save time on formatting your document in accordance with requirements.


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        Our main sources of information, with the help of which we create custom essays, are the largest international and national libraries. In addition to the information that is available to a wide range of users, our experts have access to many sources of information, created especially for a limited number researchers and scholars.

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        Each student desires to achieve academic success. But it’s hard sometimes to fulfill all the requirements that university professors set for their students. To succeed in such hard work, all these methods, if followed, will assist you: refer to a friend for advice or for proofreading your text, find free samples of perfect essays or buy essays online for cheap. Don’t exclude the last method–maybe it’s the only one that can help you in your particular case, especially if you are in deep trouble with your assignments.

        Today, there are lots of academic services that propose to complete your writing orders, but not all of them are reliable. It’s not hard to distinguish the good ones from the bad ones. Consider the following features that are usually guaranteed by such companies:

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        • Course work. In the process of studying, this work is one of the most important. To complete it the best way, it is necessary to start the work on the course in advance, almost immediately after the approval of the topic. To do this, you may need repeatedly contact the curator of the project and spend much time in the library or surfing the web. Today, however, many students simply do not have time for this long process and prefer to buy essay online.
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        • The essay is a form of creative job, which for many has become a kind of a breath of fresh air, diluting the standard boring work. In its form, the essay – a prose work, which in a free composition describes personal experiences, emotions, and thoughts on a particular subject, situation or occasion. But sometimes the student does not have time or literary an ability to perform this task on a perfect score. The only thought that appears in the head is – “Write my essay for me. Someone. Anyone?”. In this case, Darwin essay is exactly the place you are looking for.
        • Standard essay is divided into certain types. Paper writer always tries to consider all the options. The most wide-spread is a narrative essay. Moreover, common essay is a description, in which it is told mainly about sensations (e.g., assignment to describe their visual, olfactory, and taste sensations of the world) and a particular process.

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        Have you decided to entrust the execution of your work to professionals and make an order right away? Good decision! You can order any type of work, including coursework, essays, thesis, and others.

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